David Donk

David Donk

David Dobrik is a Slovak-American internet personality renowned for his dark comedy Vlogs. Additionally, he’s the leader of The Vlog Squad – an influential YouTube ensemble.

He was named one of PAPER Magazine’s “10 Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise” in 2018. He has his own YouTube channel, Tik Tok channel and podcast that airs regularly.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Donk is a renowned American YouTuber with an impressive YouTube subscription. He’s also been featured on numerous television shows.

He is a Slovak native who moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois with his family at an early age. He has three siblings: Ester, Sarah and Toby.

Dobrik began his career as a Vine vlogger in 2013, but later expanded into comedy vlogs on his own YouTube channel. He has collaborated with fellow Viners Gabbie Hanna and Liza Koshy for these projects.

He has earned numerous accolades for his videos, including being named a Breakout Creator at the 2017 Streamy Awards. Furthermore, he’s part of Vlog Squad–a collective of former Viners featured in his videos–which boast 18.3 million subscribers and 5.9 billion views.

Achievements and Honors

David Donk has achieved remarkable success in online video making. His YouTube channel boasts millions of subscribers and he has won numerous awards and trophies such as Breakout Creator at Streamys and Vlogger of the Year at Shorty Awards.

He’s collaborated with Jason Nash, Gabby Hanna and Liza Koshy in his videos which feature pranks, vines and different comedy characters.

He is an acclaimed vlogger who has received numerous awards and trophies. With 14 million subscribers on YouTube, he is considered one of the greatest YouTubers.

Personal Life

David Dobrik is a YouTube star renowned for his comedic vlogs. His channel boasts 13 million subscribers and continues to gain momentum.

He has two other YouTube channels where he posts pranks, challenge videos, and other entertaining material. Furthermore, he hosts a podcast with Vlog Squad co-star Jason Nash.

Sources indicate he was born in Kosice, Slovakia but moved to Chicago at five years old. As such, he qualifies for DACA, a program which permits immigrants to remain in America without fear of deportation.

He began his career by creating Vine accounts and posting 6 second humorous clips. He collaborated with other Viners such as Liza Koshy and Gabbie Hanna, before launching his own YouTube channel in 2015 and becoming a successful Viner.

Net Worth

David Donk is a well-known YouTuber and vlogger. His videos have earned him money, including contracts with brands like EA and Bumble.

He also has his own clothing line and podcast, which contribute to his net worth of $20 million.

He was born in Slovakia but moved to Chicago as a young man, being protected from deportation as a DACA Dreamer.

His parents also immigrated to the US, and they have three siblings. They all reside in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

He was married to Lorraine Nash, mother of his friend and fellow YouTuber Jason Nash. Unfortunately, their union did not last long as they divorced a month later.

David Donk

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