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David Frumberg – An Insider’s Profile

David Frumberg is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex cases. His expertise includes cerebral palsy, genetic and developmental disorders, as well as limb lengthening surgery for children and adults.

He is passionate about providing lifelong care for patients living with these conditions. His expertise includes observational gait analysis and advanced surgical techniques, which he applies to help his patients walk, run, play sports, and engage in everyday life more successfully.

Early Life and Education

The initial eight years of a child’s life are critical for brain development. During this time, their nutrition, social interaction, and education all play an integral role in their overall growth and development.

Early childhood education provides children with a foundation of social-emotional, cognitive and language/literacy skills that will last throughout their lives. That’s why high-quality early childhood education has been recognized as both a UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal and OECD economic indicator.

In addition to aiding children’s health and development, high-quality ECE contributes to the long-term economic success of a nation. It reduces poverty, increases family income, promotes social inclusion and societal stability, as well as increases the probability of successful parenting in the future.

Professional Career

David Fumberg is an esteemed orthopedic surgeon with the latest training and experience in limb replacement and reconstruction. He’s known to treat sports-related injuries, amputations and arthritis with ease, while providing top notch care through a network of outpatient clinics and hospital-based centers of excellence. Among many accolades, Dr. Fumberg was named New York State’s Leading Physician for his dedication to patient safety as well as creating an inspiring work environment that blends cutting edge technology with high levels of professionalism.

Achievement and Honors

David frumberg was a successful businessman and community leader who earned himself an impressive reputation. Throughout his career, he earned numerous awards and honors that testament to his accomplishments.

He was actively engaged in his community and enjoyed helping those less fortunate. His support of various organizations such as Whyte Ridge Baptist Church and Calvary Temple was particularly noteworthy.

He was an amiable individual with a kind heart and charming sense of humour. His wide sense of empathy allowed him to find common ground with everyone, always seeing the best in people.

Net Worth

David Frumberg is the co-founder and Managing Member of Emancipation Capital, a technology-focused private equity firm. As of 17 March 2020, his estimated net worth stands at $5.19 million. Frumberg founded and serves as President of VentureOut, a startup program that connects entrepreneurs with top investors and community leaders in New York City. Throughout his career, he has held sales and business development roles within finance, technology, and startups. He has served as a director for numerous public and private companies. On average, he makes 24452 shares of stock every 105 days as an Independent Director at PowerFleet Inc (PWFL). On 17 March 2020, he sold 218,211 units of PWFL stock at $669,908; you can view his full insider trading history on the Insider Trading Report page.

David Frumberg

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