David Harms

David Harms – Artist and YouTube Star

David Harms has a distinguished career in the arts, with prominent galleries and museums featuring his artwork. A gifted artist with a keen eye, David has received many awards and recognitions for his masterpieces and is highly esteemed within the community of artists. Represented by Abend Gallery in Denver and Silver Maple Gallery in Waco, Texas respectively, Harms enjoys an international following.

Early Life and Education

David Harms was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He earned his high school diploma from Rocky Mountain High School before enrolling at Colorado State University.

He had a successful career as both a musician and actor for many years before turning to painting. Beginning oil painting in 1996, he explored various subject matters before selling his first plein air landscape in 1999.

His work is inspired by a deep connection to place, and his studio on Long Island overlooks a tranquil pond. The light reflected off the water illuminates his paintings, lending life to their delicate yet reflective surfaces.

Professional Career

One of David Harms’ professional achievements is being selected for Harms Electric & Automation LLC, an esteemed firm known for its electrical and HVAC services as well as other tech-driven solutions to meet client needs. They have earned several distinctions such as being included on Fortune Small Business magazine’s annual list of the best places to work and having a stellar reputation for employee satisfaction. At this establishment there are employees with various qualifications and experiences – from experienced executives to entry-level entrants – with sought-after positions within energy, technology and operations fields.

Achievements and Honors

David is an accomplished lawyer by day, but he also pursues art and painting with passion. Beginning to paint regularly in the early nineties, David experimented with different media and styles until finding his signature style and voice. For his efforts he has received awards and honors from organizations such as Plein Air Painters of America, Art Alliance of Colorado, Artistic Excellence Society and others for his artwork.

In addition to his artistic accomplishments, he has also created numerous groundbreaking films and documentaries over the years. His research has been cited by multiple parliamentary committees and inquiries, while he also writes regularly for independent media forums. Furthermore, he founded ‘Weavers Uprising Bicentennial Committee’ – an effort towards ethical witnessing and remembering of the 1826 Chatterton Massacre as well as other avoidable deaths that occurred in east Lancashire during 1826-7 economic recession.

Personal Life

David Harms is a well-known YouTuber with more than 700,000 subscribers since 2012. His videos featuring Let’s Plays and Minecraft roleplays have made him popular on the platform. Furthermore, David often provides humorous and satirical commentary regarding video games.

David has a passion for writing and uses theater to spur discussion and encourage generosity. As founder and president of i58:10 Media, an innovative fundraising agency that utilizes radio, video and web services to share stories and motivate people towards generosity, David is set to launch his first produced play – WHAT WE WANTED – into production this January in New York City; it addresses the controversial topic of polygamy.

Net Worth

David Harms boasts a net worth of $28 million, earned through his career as a YouTube star. Born in 1985 in The Netherlands, this star made millions through YouTube sales alone.

He prefers not to reveal the specifics of his personal life or relationship, though we know he has several relationships with different women. With a large social media following and an impressive philanthropic work record, he is well known for his philanthropic efforts. A professional speaker who has spoken at numerous events around the world, his compassion towards those in need and empathy towards those suffering bring great joy; furthering this goal brings great fulfillment when traveling and serving humanity for larger causes brings great satisfaction too! Additionally, he enjoys traveling extensively – something which helps him focus on serving humanity brings great satisfaction when doing so.

David Harms

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