David Hollier

David Hollier

David Hollier, born and raised in Wolverhampton, England, relocated to Brooklyn, New York where he divides his time between painting and teaching at Parsons The New School for Design as an adjunct professor. His artwork has been showcased across both America and abroad.

He uses text to craft iconic portraits of political and cultural icons. His artwork boldly explores the intersection between politics and pop culture.

Early Life and Education

David Hollier was born and raised in Wolverhampton, England and is an internationally acclaimed artist whose portfolio includes private commissions to large-scale public artworks exhibited around the world – from New York City to Paris.

He describes himself as a self-professed documentarian, with work that features strong graphic aesthetics in various mediums such as watercolor, spray paint, oil and acrylic. When not painting or teaching at Parsons The New School for Design in Brooklyn, NY he enjoys taking short trips abroad to exotic places like Mongolia.

His series “Imago Verbasa,” or ‘image made of words’, serves as a visual commentary on the power and impact of language. Through his artwork, Hollier strives to combat injustice and inequality with words that transcend time and culture.

Professional Career

David Hollier is a contemporary artist whose work juxtaposes iconic cultural and political figures with their famous words in both painted and typed form. His pieces function as both documentaries and social commentary, blurring the line between pop culture and politics while encouraging viewers to consider words that transcend time and cultures.

He is an adjunct professor at Parsons The New School of Design in Brooklyn, New York and has participated in a variety of solo and group exhibitions around the globe.

The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate and WWL-TV have revealed that Hollier has used his foundation account to pay for a variety of luxurious items, such as luxury car services, dinners at Commander’s Palace in Palm Beach, expensive bar tabs and trips to Minnesota, Chicago, Houston, Austin and South Florida. Additionally, he charged first class flights to the West Coast as well as his wife’s airfare.

Achievement and Honors

David Hollier was an accomplished artist and sports enthusiast who made his mark in both professional and academic circles. He is well known in both the sports medicine community, as well as at UNC where he currently serves as Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Health & Wellness.

One of his most renowned works was a painting of Cheltenham suffragist Dorothea Beale, described as the first public artwork to celebrate women’s accomplishments. Aside from his artistic talent, Hollier also had a knack for family devotion and traveling – he and Maria spent their years together exploring Hong Kong, rural China, Wisconsin and Canada together. As proud father and uncle he enjoyed sharing his enthusiasm for art and culture with his children.

Personal Life

David Hollier, originally from Wolverhampton in England, now resides and works in Brooklyn, New York. He divides his time between teaching at Parsons The New School for Design as well as painting original artworks.

David Hollier is an innovative artist who creates powerful visuals of cultural and political icons in his series Imago Verbosa. This collection pairs famous words with their painted or typed text to create powerful visuals that combine documentary elements as well as social commentary.

Hollier’s signature Imago Verbasa technique allows him to portray iconic figures such as John F Kennedy, Gandhi, Joe Namath and David Bowie through hand-painted acrylic, Indian ink or typewritten messages on vintage typewriters. Each piece is a representation of their words rendered in acrylic paint or Indian ink and displayed alongside each piece for viewers’ enjoyment.

Net Worth

David Hollier is an artist specializing in painting and photorealism. His artwork has been showcased at solo and group shows across America and Europe, garnering him increasing recognition for his thought-provoking paintings and prints. His style is informed by his background as a muralist and training in visual art. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Northumbria University in Visual Arts, followed by a master’s degree from London Guildhall University in Computer Imaging & Animation. Hollier is currently an adjunct professor at Parsons the New School for Design in New York City and his work can be found in collections around the globe. Estimates place his net worth at $12.2 million dollars; this includes owning over 1,147 units of Dell Technologies Inc stock.

David Hollier

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