David Hornstein

David Hornstein

David Hornstein founded home design firm Light House Design after spending many years as a carpenter. With an eye for detail and the ability to work within clients’ budgets and needs without imposition of his own vision, David Hornstein has earned himself a place of honor in the industry.

He created an elegant home that seamlessly fuses the minimalistic aesthetic of Bauhaus masters with modern construction techniques. It’s a stunning creation that offers both comfort and practicality.

Early Life and Education

David Hornstein has been busy with many things lately, one of his most intriguing ventures being designing and building his own home. This house stands out in its neighborhood due to several features not found elsewhere such as a basement that’s both well insulated and heated/cooled for optimal occupancies. This design came out of Hornstein’s desire for his own space which he believes is essential for enjoying retirement successfully. When not at work or playing video games, watching movies or reading a good book, David enjoys taking trips to the local pub or playing pool in his backyard.

Professional Career

David Hornstein has dedicated his professional career to the healthcare field, serving as a doctor at Montreal General Hospital.

After years of studying medicine, he chose to put his passion for helping others heal into practice by founding the Critical Illness Recovery Center, a facility designed to aid patients’ rehabilitation after a stay in an intensive care unit.

He also initiated the ICU Journal project, a written record of events that occur while patients are in the intensive care unit and can’t remember them.

He can assist synagogues and other nonprofit organizations financially plan for the future or guide them through the start-up process. His specialties include organization and development assessment, feasibility studies, annual fund development, strategic planning, executive coaching and board development.

Achievement and Honors

David Hornstein, an architect, created online technology that enables users to filter their web searches based on aesthetic preferences. After seven years in development, he launched StylePath Inc. last October and officially released their product to the market.

The young businessman strongly believes in second chances, as evidenced by his plumbing company and rescue of dogs who were close to being put down due to behavioral issues. Through Lead N The Pack, his side business, he works with dogs looking for a new home.

David has earned a number of distinctions, including an award from Ventura County Medical Center Foundation for his involvement on bioethics committees and as a leader in palliative care. Currently, David chairs the bioethics committee at Community Memorial Hospital.

Personal Life

David Hornstein’s personal life revolves around his family and work. As a husband and father of three young boys, he manages to juggle the demands of an active lifestyle with quality family time.

He lives in Calgary, Canada and is the owner of Aquality Plumbing and Heating. As a Red Seal plumber, he has been in this business for almost ten years.

David also runs Lead n the Pack, a business that assists dogs with behavioral issues. Additionally, he created The Trunk tool to help plumbers eliminate cross contamination when taking out toilets.

He believes in second chances. After recovering from a fall that broke his back, he has built Aquality Plumbing into an impressive business. He rehired office staff and is on track to add another van to his fleet.

Net Worth

Hornstein was a successful businessman, art collector and philanthropist who passed away in 2013 at 95 years of age. His estimated net worth at that time was estimated to be $220 thousand dollars. Furthermore, his influence within Montreal extended far beyond his business success; he is remembered for his support of numerous educational and healthcare institutions such as Montreal Heart Institute, University of Montreal, Hopital Notre-Dame and Jewish General Hospital.

He was born in Krakow, Poland and attended a business school there. During Germany’s invasion of his country in 1940, he was captured and deported to Auschwitz where he managed to jump from the train. After fleeing through Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bratislava he met Renata Witelson – whom he would later marry.

David Hornstein

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