David Hushpuppi

A Closer Look at David Hushpuppi

“Hushpuppi”, known online as “Hush,” enjoyed luxurious travel around the world in Ferraris and Maybachs, ordered crates of champagne at nightclubs, and displayed $150,000 diamond-studded wristwatches. However, he was actually a con artist with an overinflated ego, according to reports from law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and other government entities.

Hushpuppi was arrested in June as part of Operation Foxhunt 2 in Dubai and accused of running multiple scams that netted him $456 million.

Early Life and Education

Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, popularly known by his stage names Ray Hushpuppi, Hush, Gucci master and Aja Puppi was born on October 11th 1982 in Lagos State of Nigeria and raised as an entertainer.

He had grown up in a poor household and lived in the slums of Lagos’ suburbs; however, after moving to Malaysia he found success and wealth.

While in Malaysia, he began investing in real estate projects that yielded him millions of dollars. Furthermore, he used his Instagram account to publicize these ventures.

He boasts an impressive number of Instagram followers, yet he rarely shares information about his family members. In a few posts on the platform, he only mentions his mother and sister by name.

Professional Career

David puppi is an enthusiastic sports fanatic. He’s often found at the gym or drinking coffee like it’s no big deal. Plus, this mobile man loves to eat! Best of all? His personality makes for an entertaining officemate! You won’t find David on the work floor much; instead you may see him enjoying himself at local golf courses or breweries.

Achievements and Honors

David Hushpuppi has achieved much in his short but impressive career. He is a philanthropist and social media expert with an expansive Instagram following.

His net worth is estimated to be 20 million dollars as of 2020. He owns several luxurious vehicles and an opulent home.

Hushpuppi is an accomplished social media influencer, often sharing photos of himself wearing designer apparel on Instagram and Snapchat. With a large following, he showcases his luxurious lifestyle to the world.

Personal Life

David Puppi has achieved great success despite having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He now works as both a graphic illustrator and author, inspiring many through his inspiring stories.

He currently has an estimated net worth of around $4 Million. In the past, he was renowned for his three seasons playing hockey for the Florida Panthers.

He enjoys writing and illustrating children’s books, such as “The Adventure of Ook and Gluk” and “Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future.” In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.

He is an accomplished musician who has collaborated with many renowned artists throughout his career. As part of Snarky Puppy, he has earned numerous awards. His passion for jazz and funk music has led him to tour and perform around the world with various artists and ensembles.

Net Worth

David puppi enjoys the lifestyle of luxury. With money to spare, he purchases expensive cars, designer shoes and watches with exquisite workmanship.

David Puppi lives a luxurious lifestyle yet works hard to maintain his high net worth. Additionally, he donates much of his earnings to charitable organizations in Nigeria.

He owns a luxurious house in Dubai worth millions of naira, as well as numerous luxury cars such as the latest Rolls Royce Phantom.

He enjoys shopping for global designer brands like Gucci, and estimates his net worth to be $20 million.

David Hushpuppi

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