David Letellier

David Letellier

David Letellier, originally from France but now living and working in Berlin, is an experimental electronic musician and artist working at the intersections between architecture, sound art and music. His music exists between digitality >> and sensibility, where melodies combine with machine sounds to produce subtly rhythmic suites.

Early Life and Education

David Letellier was an amazingly gifted artist from an early age. A trained singer-songwriter who performed at local clubs, fairs, wedding ceremonies and benefits across Western Massachusetts; letellier began penning songs which connected with audiences as soon as he started performing solo.

He eventually relocated to Berlin and attended some of the most renowned music schools. Here he worked alongside some of the world’s acclaimed musicians – Barry Burns of Mogwai among them – before creating his kinetic sound installation, “versus”, featuring two fan-like components that play complex sacral real-time compositions using digital technology; coupled with 300 wires and two ropes creating slow paced angelic movements; this was first-of-its-kind! Now on display in France’s Saint Sauveur Chapel!

Professional Career

David Letellier began his professional singing career in Western Massachusetts, performing at local clubs and fairs. Soon thereafter he formed the Cottonwood group, recording their original tunes which proved highly popular with audiences. Since then he has pursued solo performing opportunities, sharing his musical passion at coffeehouses and church venues alike.

At Kangding Ray, he makes his mark as a producer and DJ specializing in techno with experimental elements, with work released on labels such as Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts as well as mind-boggling live shows that span across the globe. Furthermore, Sigha joins him to form Neon Chambers project which has gained worldwide acclaim; their project will be showcased this year at Atonal Festival Berlin.

Achievement and Honors

On Friday evening at West Port High School off Southwest 80th Avenue, The Public Education Foundation of Marion County hosted their 20th annual Golden Apple Awards ceremony and honored both veteran teachers with four or more years experience and new teachers who had only two or fewer years’ worth of service.

John Joseph LeTellier Jr, from Stanton-Weirsdale Elementary music teacher renowned for his commitment to his students, music, and God was honored as the winner of the veteran award. This extraordinary educator was named one of the county’s outstanding educators.

In 2006, fire devastated Chapelle du vieux Saint-Sauveur in Caen (France). To breathe life back into this historic space and restore it, Letellier designed Caten, a light sculpture.

Personal Life

David Letellier has long been at the forefront of experimental music and art. His innovative projects range from audiovisual performances to autonomous machines or conceptual drawings – each pushing sound and space forward in groundbreaking fashion.

His music has earned rave reviews from technophiles as well as clubbers alike – from Raster-Noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts labels he uses exclusively.

He was an esteemed member of his community and will long be remembered fondly by friends and family as someone with great humor who kept everyone laughing with a sense of playfulness and always kept in mind the value of giving back. We should honor his memory by remembering his smiles, laughter, and remembering to pay it forward whenever possible.

Net Worth

David Letellier is an esteemed business executive with an estimated net worth of $20 billion, known for his drive, strategic vision and global business expertise. He serves as an influential member of global boards and executive teams, while being well known in the financial services industry. Formerly, Mr. Farrow served as Chief Risk Officer for State Street Bank’s largest subsidiary, State Street Global Services, overseeing custody, accounting, fund administration, investment operations outsourcing and alternative asset servicing of $28 Trillion of assets. Furthermore, as Head of Counterparty Risk for Harvard Management Company he created an industry leading Operational Risk System while improving Best Execution monitoring across asset classes.

He is married for 16 years and is father to three children.

David Letellier

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