David Lindeman

David Lindeman

David Lindeman was a social worker, educator and writer whose papers include personal and subject files, correspondence and research materials.

He is widely renowned for his advocacy of progressive education and his concern for rural communities. Additionally, his work focused on improving adult worker education. His papers covered topics like discussion methods, workers education and general aspects of adult education.

Early Life and Education

Lindeman was a pioneer of social philosophy, community development and adult education. He wrote one of the earliest books on community work as well as one of the classic works on groupwork and worked tirelessly to expand popular education (notably via YMCA).

His assumptions regarding education were not limited to classrooms or formal curricula: situations rather than subjects; people’s experience and non-vocational goals. This “organic” vision of education was strongly influenced by Progressive writers and activists such as John Dewey.

Basil Yeaxlee used his experience working at the YMCA to advocate for lifelong education as an essential way for people to live well and reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. Basil also revisited this theme when writing his book-length exploration of lifelong education published in 1929.

Professional Career

David Lindman has earned accolades as a grant writer for helping clients secure hundreds of millions in funding for nonprofit organizations within education, health and human services, economic development, international affairs and arts sectors.

At the core of it all lies David’s career passion – sharing his expertise and sharing experiences with future grant writers. A certified fund raising executive, David has all of the credentials to back his claim as the go-to guy for any organization looking for their slice of pie. Not to mention having an eye for big picture and sense of humor!

Achievement and Honors

David Lindman was known for both his long and distinguished government worker career as well as his many hobbies, which ranged from oriental art to Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. He received many awards including being honored with a Buckles-Hanna Distinguished Service Award winner; additionally, he was an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Chatham County as part of Fearrington Cares and Habitat for Humanity of Chatham County.

David is a graduate of Berkeley School of Social Work with an unwavering dedication to serving others and is widely known for being a self-described philanthropist. He has put his considerable skills towards serving humanity in numerous notable ways – such as contributing to causes that provide health care to underserved populations as well as fundraising and volunteering efforts at his alma mater Berkeley.

Personal Life

David Lindman was an excellent example of kindness and generosity, always thinking of others before himself. His hobbies included woodworking and hunting – he even participated in hunting expeditions with his family! David belonged to Evangelical Covenant Church as an active member.

He was actively engaged in his community and church, as well as enjoying traveling, hiking and yoga classes.

He was an outstanding father and husband, leaving behind his wife Patricia; sons David and John; as well as six grandchildren.

He earned an attractive salary from his law firm and could provide for himself and his family comfortably. Following the divorce, his income drastically dropped forcing him to tap his 401(k)s and retirement accounts in order to meet maintenance payments resulting in significant taxable income.

Net Worth

David Lindman is an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million at just 24 years old. This wealth was amassed through his professional career as an Ice Hockey Player earning an annual salary of $2,452,980 while other income sources such as his stock portfolio, home, car ownership and hunting land is also significant contributors. One notable trade was selling 35,500 units of Cabot Oil & Gas stock on 11 March 2021 for $686,570 which marked 11 years of successful stock trading activity; to learn more about his finances visit Form 4 filed with SEC for more details.

David Lindeman

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