David Linderman

David Linderman

David Linderman is an accomplished entrepreneur and author, as well as being a philanthropist.

Linderman also serves on the Humboldt County Court of Appeal and has received multiple awards for his work. His father is Doyle Linderman while Julia Linderman gave birth to him; one quarter of Linderman is Karuk Indian blood.

Early Life and Education

David Linderman earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in early childhood education from Kansas State University. Prior to becoming an early intervention provider, he taught and coached at Wade Hampton High School in Greenville County as a teacher/coach.

Linderman was suspended from teaching by the South Carolina Department of Education following an incident wherein a custodial worker noticed him entering a restroom with female student in October 2012. When confronted, district administrator confronted Linderman and determined their relationship as being inappropriate.

Lindeman was an early innovator of group work. Additionally, he helped expand popular education via adult education movements. His perspectives on education were greatly shaped by his time spent at Frankfurt Academy of Labor; he saw education as a vehicle to national revitalization. Lindeman became one of the key figures within Progressive politics.

Achievement and Honors

David Linderman has long been a fixture on the international design scene. A graduate from Offenbach’s School of Design in Germany, he has enjoyed working both agency and corporate environments and had an important hand in producing some truly outstanding pieces for some noteworthy clients.

He played an integral part in developing some truly innovative and cutting-edge marketing strategies, most notably his co-found brand Syzygy. In particular, he spearheaded several bespoke brand extensions and rebranding initiatives which proved highly successful and helped revive businesses. Most recently he oversaw the repositioning of Syzygy (formerly Stratacom) as the Stratacom Group to better reflect client roster; additionally he was named Chief Creative Officer for this group and will oversee operations of all its brands as well as any associated entities within.

Personal Life

David Linderman is an artist renowned for creating sophisticated and urbane characters such as Doktor Thrill. Collectors and fans alike have taken to collecting his works since its release.

He received his degree in art education from Pennsylvania State University and taught at Sacramento State, Oregon State, and Arizona State universities before writing four textbooks that are used throughout college campuses nationwide.

In October 2012, a custodial worker at Wade Hampton High School saw Linderman enter a restroom with female student. When confronted by Principal Michael Lemmermann he used “extremely poor judgement”.

Net Worth

David Linderman reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and currently serves as SVP Chf Fran&Corp Dev Officer of Jack In The Box Inc. As of 2023-04-14 he owned 6275 shares valued at over $547,682, his largest trade being selling 146 units on 20 December 2022 for $9,791. Since 2021 he has conducted 4 insider transactions; three occurred within 18 months.

Linderman was arrested in 2008, accused of possessing explosives and conspiring to overthrow the Latvian government. Extradited back to Latvia in March of that year, he has been active as part of the 13 January Movement which advocates to make Russian a secondary state language of Latvia and Mother Tongue which advocates to preserve native tongues.

David Linderman

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