David Locking

David Locking

David Locking is a Chula Vista locksmith that offers emergency lockouts, residential and commercial lock change/rekey, car key cutting/programming for most major makes and models.

He boasts over 170,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and receives hundreds of emails daily from followers. However, Master Lock threatened legal action if he posted a video in which he used ketchup to open one of their locks.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Locking is a lawyer specializing in labor law, business litigation and complex commercial litigation. His unique approach to problem-solving often draws clients to him for his insight and experience with helping them win their cases.

David is a successful podcaster and blogger with an eye for storytelling. He also loves spending time with his family as a loving father and husband. When not working, David loves cycling around Colorado or Florida’s beaches. Other hobbies include reading, golfing and bourbon tasting – but most importantly living life with those closest to him!

Achievements and Honors

David Locking is a professional locksmith, offering emergency lockouts, residential and commercial lock installations, key rekeying for cars, as well as cutting and programming services for most major makes and models.

David achieved numerous awards and honors throughout his high school career. Additionally, he worked on multiple service projects for United Way of the Mid-Ohio Valley and was appointed to their student executive board.

He graduated with honors and went on to receive a law degree. For 50 years he has been practicing in the Detroit Lakes area, building an effective plaintiff’s personal injury practice. As President of Minnesota State Bar Association he served as Vice Chair until joining Minnesota Lawyers Mutual’s Board as Director. Furthermore, he received their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life

David Locking is an award-winning singer-songwriter and musician with a strong Christian background. He began singing gospel music as a young child, demonstrating the power of this genre of music.

David enjoys working in the business world. With over two decades of experience, his passion for helping people shines through.

David has earned multiple degrees from top universities, which have enabled him to reach his current position.

David cherishes his family immensely. As a loving husband and father to his two sons Jacob and Jack, David has achieved much in life.

Net Worth

David Locking boasts a net worth of $3 million. This wealth comes from various sources, such as his work as YouTuber and sponsorships and endorsements.

He owns a house in Studio City, Los Angeles that features four bedrooms and three bathrooms that he shares with his high school friend Natalie Mariduena.

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David Locking

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