David Mosman

David Mosman

David Mosman is a Business Development Manager for Irwin Mitchell. He provides media relations support to the firm’s Business Legal Teams and oversees thought leadership campaigns.

He is a logical thinker who is well-balanced and highly intelligent. His problem-solving skills are top notch, and he enjoys engaging with people to learn their stories.

Early Life and Education

David Mosman was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin and is a scientist and co-founder of Redesign Science – a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming scientific research practices.

He is married to actress and comedian Ilana Dobrik, with whom he shares a son named Nic Bartoli.

David Mosman was heavily influenced by Charlotte Mason, an educational philosopher whose early books focused on home education and the value of outdoor play in children’s development. According to Mason, spending time outdoors allows children to use their senses, cultivate curiosity, and participate in a natural learning process.

He and his wife Frances Hawkins crafted a philosophy of education that stood the test of time, transcending both their geographical location and time. Their ideas on how children learn remain timeless today.

Professional Career

David Mosman was previously Chairman and CEO of IMS Health, a global provider of information solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, he held senior roles at IBM.

He is an expert in commercial litigation, trusts and pensions, as well as judicial review. Additionally, he provides advice and conducts regulatory investigations.

After graduating from school, he continued on to the University of Sheffield in the UK and completed national service.

He then spent many years teaching in schools and colleges, serving as a key figure in the establishment of the History of Education Society. Even after retiring, he kept up his interest in education; serving on HomeRise’s Board of Directors since 2014 and contributing to articles related to its history.

Achievement and Honors

David Mosman is an award-winning content creator renowned for his vlogging videos. He began posting six-second funny videos on Vine, which closed down in 2017.

After becoming popular on Vine, he moved to YouTube and began creating comedy vlogs. His self-titled channel now boasts over 13 million subscribers.

He has also served as a stuntman in several films, such as Batman. Additionally, he was once in a relationship with internet star Liza Koshy.

He is an avid fan of the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals and college football. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.

Personal Life

David Mosman is an American businessman and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

David was born on September 15, 1980 in Greenville, Pennsylvania and raised in Jamestown, Pennsylvania where he graduated high school in 1999.

Following graduation, he joined the Army and served for three years as a paratrooper. Tragically, he was tragically lost in Iraq in 2006.

David loved spending time outdoors. He enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing and kayaking rivers and lakes – not to mention fishing! Above all else though, David was a kind and gentle soul who will always be missed by those around him.

Net Worth

David Mosman is a renowned YouTuber with 13 million subscribers and widely considered one of the coolest people online. His videos typically receive 5 million views and earn him plenty of money from their views.

He is renowned for his design abilities and sells hats, tees and stickers – estimated to generate about $45 million annually in revenue.

His earnings come from video ads, merchandise sales and paid advertising on his channel. With a large fan base behind him, he continues to work hard at developing his business ventures.

David Mosman

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