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A Closer Look at Dovid and Gabriel Murdakhayev

Dovid and Gabriel Murdakhayev left Bukhara in Uzbekistan in 1997 to open King David Bakery in Queens’ Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood. With tiny tandoor clay ovens at their core, this bakery has since become an integral part of its community and an important source for breads that have become staples within it. Here we take a closer look at their lives and careers.

Early Life and Education

Murdakhayev was born in Russia but lived most of his life in Merced, California. He studied law at University of California Berkeley before becoming a prosecutor there and writing screenplays and novels about hunting accidents that left him paralyzed. Later in life, Murdakhayev met Ruth Smith Rankin and eventually married her; raising their daughter together before divorcing eventually resulting in decades-long legal wrangles surrounding a sensationalized sex and murder case which would become known by name by readers worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Murdakhayev owns and operates King David Bakery in New York, an unassuming spot which offers only a select few items and does them exceptionally well. Additionally, King David Bakery has won multiple awards over time.

He was born into a peasant family living on a collective farm in Privolnoye, Krasnogvardeisky District of Stavropol Territory and began working on it as an assistant harvest operator.

He received the Order of Red Banner of Labor and graduated from Moscow University’s Faculty of Law. Subsequently, he served as first secretary for Komsomol Territorial Committee in Stavropol before taking on higher positions.

He served as General Secretary of the Communist Party from 1985-1990 and helped negotiate a treaty with the US, signing the Intermediate Nuclear Forces agreement to restrict nuclear weapon development. For his efforts in disarming nuclear arms he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Personal Life

My wife’s family was one of the highlights of my harpstressed journey. Some of her relatives live in a small town within my native state. Although this part of the world wasn’t on my travel radar before now, it remains on my bucket list of places I must see and experience first-hand. Queens Borough and Kew Gardens are two unincorporated sister cities within Queens. Collectively known as KGB for short, Queens is home to over 4 million residents and the most populous municipality in New York State. This area boasts some of the nation’s premier museums and art galleries, and is known for being a foodie’s paradise with numerous fantastic restaurants scattered throughout its neighborhoods; popular eateries in this borough include some of the finest steak houses around.

david murdakhayev

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