David Musick

David Musick

David Musick’s story is one of the most compelling in United States history; it marks the first time a white man was murdered by Indians.

At that time, they resided in Russell Co., Virginia and during one trip to Haysi they were attacked by Indians.

Early Life and Education

David Musick was born in Waco, Texas on January 2, 1955 to Derrell and Dorothy Musick. He attended Vigo Park and Wayside elementary schools before attending Dimmitt High School where he eventually earned an electrician’s certification at Amarillo College.

As a child, he lived with his mother and sister before later being adopted by a family from Franklin County in Missouri.

Kommer noted that his family moved to Catawissa in 1878 because it offered excellent farming conditions.

One day while they were churning in the springhouse near their home, Indians attacked and scared away all of their neighbors.

Professional Career

David Musick has lived in Athens, Alabama his whole life. Since joining TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as a driver in May 2016, david has quickly advanced through their corporate ladder until becoming their Panama City, FL Operations Manager. Renowned for his meticulous nature and passion for customer satisfaction, david has quickly earned the respect of both customers and colleagues alike.

As Operations Manager of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, David is often charged with overseeing multiple daily moving tasks and maintaining TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s high standards at all times. This requires rigorous reviews of employee performance as well as compliance with company policies and procedures.

Achievement and Honors

David Musick has made significant strides toward marine science and endangered species conservation. He pioneered groundbreaking research on sharks, sea turtles, and coastal fish biology.

He has written or co-written 150 research articles and advised 89 graduate students. His studies have contributed to management plans for summer flounder, Atlantic sturgeon and black sea bass populations among others.

He joined Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine’s faculty and administration in July 2013, having previously held several medical education roles at universities including University of Kentucky College of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, East Carolina University/Brody School of Medicine.

Personal Life

David Musick was a farmer and hard worker who resided in Russell County, VA with his wife and five children. Always willing to pitch in, David would often help out his family.

One day, a group of Indians surprised him and his family in his home. To protect himself and his property from attack, he barricaded his doors and windows as quickly as he could.

Even after his best efforts, Indians managed to gain entry to the home and attack the Musick family. Shotgun shots fired by one Indian hit David through his leg, prompting him to faint from pain.

Under John Fletcher’s leadership, a group of settlers formed a posse to pursue and rescue Musicks from Indians. However, one individual became too excited and prematurely fired his rifle before John could stop him.

Net Worth

David Musick is an investor in the stock market with an estimated net worth of $35.1 Thousand. He owned 957 units of Endologix stock that he sold on 1 June 2016 for over $12,010.

David Musick was an American investor and former President and Director of Security Asset Corporation. As President, he participated in preparing offering materials and served on Security Asset’s audit committee; additionally he signed representation letters for auditors. However, during his time as President he may have been negligent in not recognizing the company’s financial condition or risks associated with investing in debt portfolios; additionally false representations may have been made to investors during its initial public offering and following sale of all its assets in 2001.

David Musick

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