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David Myhal, a Republican Strategist

David Myhal is a Republican strategist renowned in Ohio. As founder of Logos Group International and with over two decades of experience under his belt, Myhal has worked with some of the state’s top politicians and businesses.

Myhal filed a lawsuit on Friday seeking to require Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to verify voter registration information before counting ballots, in part due to an ongoing dispute involving approximately 200,000 voters with registration records that don’t match.

Early Life and Education

David Myhal hails from Western Ukraine and immigrated with his family to Canada in 1958, eventually earning both bachelor and master’s degrees in civil engineering, war studies, and business administration. Today he serves as president and CEO of Partners Value Investments Inc.

He served on both the University of Toronto Governing Council and Faculty Dean’s Strategic Council, and is an early supporter of its Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, an exciting new space at U of T. His monumental $5-million donation established the main foyer of this building as his own; its design represents how engineering precision exists only within our minds; encouraging students to make use of freely drawn lines and purposeful imperfections as part of the engineering design. Furthermore, this building stands out among U of T buildings by having features like rainwater collection systems as well as solar panels cisterns that collect rainwater, among other features that make this building stand out among its counterparts.

Professional Career

David Myhal has an extensive and accomplished background in technology. Most recently he served as an officer with Toyo System USA Inc, which produces battery testing machines used by many leading automakers across the globe.

He served as director of Windermere Investment Corporation, a private investment firm that specializes in real asset investing. He boasted an exceptional track record of identifying, managing and providing value to investors.

He holds membership in various professional associations and sits on the boards of several charitable organizations. Rayla and he both share an avid passion for education and health in Canada; evidenced by their transformative gift that made possible Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship and established new standards in engineering education and research.

Achievement and Honors

David Myhal has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. In recognition of his contributions to business, finance and engineering innovation, he was honored with membership into the Order of Canada in 2017.

His charitable activities have centered around the University of Toronto, where he has supported various initiatives. Most notably was his $5-million gift that allowed for the development of Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

He currently sits on several charitable boards and foundations. Along with his wife Rayla Myhal, they established the Myhal Family Foundation in 2014 to assist causes related to health or education, raising over $10 Million through their generosity towards Canadian organizations across various causes and causes relating to these fields. Rayla Myhal’s generosity continues to have an enormous impact on society today – her support has made a real difference for young Ukrainian people who have been uprooted from their homeland, while making cultural and educational opportunities more available.

Personal Life

David Myhal has served as executive director of the Mahoning County Republican Party since September 1998 and as its chief fundraiser ever since. Additionally, he serves on the board of Toyo System USA; an internationally-known battery testing company which was located here in Columbus by him in 2013.

David has led an understated personal life, yet is nonetheless the proud parent of three WC students with his wife Tera. They take great pleasure in creating a community for their children that leaves a lasting impact. One particular thrill has been witnessing Isaac (WC ’22) develop into one of Ohio State University’s leaders – something David and Tera found rewarding themselves!

Net Worth

David Myhal possesses a net worth of over $600 Million and graduated with an industrial engineering degree from the University of Toronto. Over 35 years he has led businesses from his academic experience as Chairman of Trisura Group Ltd. as well as serving on their Boards; Partners Value Investments LP, Windermere Investment Corp and Brookfield Asset Management Inc he was previously also President/CEO for Trilon Financial Corporation

David Myhal,

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