David Nable

David Nable – Actor, Writer and Sports Commentator

David Nable is an Australian actor, writer, and sports commentator best known for his portrayal of Mick Henderson in The Final Winter film.

He graduated from St Paul’s Catholic College Manly in Australia. While still young, he excelled at rugby playing within Manly-Warringah Club’s junior ranks.

Early Life and Education

David Nable is an active member of the dyslexic community and has been on an exciting learning journey ever since his first days in classroom. In 1998, he established Eye to Eye as a national organization dedicated to the education of dyslexic individuals. Serving as its chief edutainment officer enables David to regularly speak at educational and social innovation conferences; additionally serving on several non-profit boards such as Swanee Hunt Alternatives foundation’s Advisory board (reimagine learning), New Profit’s Reimagine Learning Advisory board (reimagine learning) Advisory board as well as New York Times Education Sat Nav. One of David’s favorite activities involves teaching kids with learning differences how to speak Mandarin! Currently living with his wife and children in San Francisco

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Professional Career

David Nable is an actor best known for his roles in movies like Killer Elite alongside Clive Owen and Robert De Niro, and television series such as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow as Ra’s al Ghul on The CW.

He was raised in Sydney, Australia. As an amateur rugby player he played for both Manly-Warringah and South Sydney clubs before going on to write sports commentary articles and write sports commentaries for local newspapers.

He brings over 20 years of experience leading global teams focused on cybersecurity, incident response and forensics to N-able. As its vice president and chief security officer, he provides oversight in creating security programs designed to comply with industry best practices to keep systems and infrastructure safe for operation.

Achievement and Honors

David Nable is best-known for his role as one of East West 101’s sexiest, yet mysterious characters in its hit series. Additionally, he appeared in various commercials and feature films including Killer Elite (2009 action thriller). Additionally, Nable was inducted into the Australian Rugby League Hall of Fame. Beyond acting roles, Nable has set the highest customer service standards at Arcesium while making sure employees remain happy, healthy and productive. In his free time he enjoys golfing, philanthropy as well as being involved with their local philanthropic machine while championing Queensland state government’s Social Innovation program (QSIP).

Personal Life

David and his men live peaceful lives in the countryside, guarding small villages against foreign raiders and thieves while providing food and supplies to these communities.

But when Nabal so seriously insults David that honor demands revenge, his impulsive nature gets him into hot water.

Instead of exacting his own revenge, David asks Abigail to come meet him instead.

She advises David not to seek revenge against his husband as his action was wrong and taking revenge will only worsen matters and put David’s leadership at risk by adding innocent bloodshed into the mix.

Net Worth

Actor, writer and sports commentator david nable is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of over $11 Million dollars. His primary source of income comes from acting, former professional rugby playing and commentary roles like Underbelly: Badness, Hacksaw Ridge and Arrow.

At birth he resided in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia before growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, attending St Paul’s Catholic College Manly before playing rugby for Graham Lowe-coached Manly Warringah club as a youth. Following this commitment for one year he decided to leave and pursue writing full time; later moving to Naples Florida where he now owns 42 properties as well as running an executive search firm and small businesses.

David Nable

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