David Nagourney

David Nagourney

David Nagourney serves as Los Angeles Bureau Chief for The New York Times as well as chief national political correspondent.

Before joining The Times, he worked at USA Today where he covered Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign and co-wrote Out for Good: The Struggle to Establish Gay Rights Movement in America with Daniel J. Cohan.

Early Life and Education

Adam Nagourney is an experienced journalist who has reported on major scandals at the New York Times. He witnessed first-hand when they fired top editors and has survived nearly two decades of media industry disruption.

As well as his work as a reporter, he also co-authored a 2001 book about the gay rights movement. Now, he is embarking on a contemporary history of The Times that will span four decades and incorporate research from archives as well as interviews with former editors and reporters.

He takes inspiration from late Timesman and New Journalism pioneer Gay Talese’s 1969 magisterial account of The Times, entitled The Kingdom and the Power. Tim Duggan Books plans on publishing such a book in 2020 for Crown publishing imprint Tim Duggan Books.

Achievement and Honors

David Nagourney was an accomplished retail executive with Rices-Nachman in Hampton Roads and also helped grow Farm Fresh into a public company.

David was also an avid sports enthusiast, participating in Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants games for decades. David took great pleasure watching his son Bruce Nagourney become an accomplished baseball player during this period.

After being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, David chose brain radiation and chemotherapy treatment in order to ensure his illness would be put behind him and live a full and healthy life. He credits these treatments as being key factors in his healing journey and would urge others to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles they may encounter along the way.

Personal Life

Due to a personal loss, david nagourney was forced to assess his life in new ways and take action. Although difficult, this forced change helped him overcome small cell lung cancer and fight until it was fully gone.

He is currently undertaking an in-depth history of the New York Times that spans its four decade rise and fall, using both archive resources at the paper as well as interviews with former editors and reporters to produce this text.

Net Worth

David Nagourney is an American journalist estimated to be worth $843,443. He covers West Coast cultural affairs for The New York Times and earns an attractive salary. Additionally, he co-authored “Out for Good”, an account of modern gay rights activism published by Penguin Books. Additionally, David owns homes both in New York and Los Angeles as well as his yacht Rising Sun.

At age 56, David was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and began treating it by having his left lung’s lower lobe removed and receiving chemotherapy and chest radiation twice daily in order to shrink and kill tumors. Additionally, one month of brain radiation ensured the disease would not resurface.

David Nagourney

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