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David Proman – An Overview of David Proman

David Proman is the Managing Director and Partner at Fir Tree Partners, as well as Co-Head of Restructuring. With over 15 years of investment experience in structured debt investing and corporate debt investing, he offers invaluable advice to companies on restructuring strategies.

In addition to his position on the boards of Amplify Energy (formerly Memorial Production Partners), New Emerald Energy LLC and Deer Finance, LLC, he also serves as Technical Committee member of FHipo, a residential mortgage REIT in Mexico.

Early Life and Education

David Proman was born and raised in the United States. He comes from a stable family background and has always been driven to succeed in life.

He is a successful YouTuber and content creator who has earned many prestigious awards. Additionally, he has been featured on multiple television shows.

His career started on Vine, where he posted humorous videos. Soon he had 1 million followers and then transferred to YouTube where he has become one of the most renowned vloggers worldwide.

He boasts a massive social media following and is beloved by celebrities. In Los Angeles, he resides with his assistant and high school friend Natalie Mariduena.

Professional Career

David Proman has been in the quality product manufacturing, distribution and selling business for over 30 years. His impressive resume includes designing and building of the world’s largest methanol plant as well as numerous petrochemical and power plants around the world. Furthermore, his impressive portfolio boasts numerous patents and applications to date. Despite all this experience, david still seeks out new ventures to add his name onto; whether that be a product or service that will put Proman on top. A true Renaissance man, David knows when to move on and when to stay put; plus he knows how to keep his clients satisfied through helpful tips that keep them coming back again and again.

Achievements and Honors

David Proman has achieved and been recognized for a variety of noteworthy accomplishments and honors. He was previously part of the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team, an award-winning journalist, and an esteemed leader in his field.

He co-founded a global venture capital firm and has earned numerous accolades for his leadership in education, arts patronage and government service. Additionally, he was one of the first recipients of the esteemed Fleming Award, presented by the American Geophysical Union to recognize scientists for their contributions in astronomy research.

He is currently a Managing Director and Partner at Fir Tree Partners, where he oversees their distressed credit, restructuring and litigation-oriented investment strategies. Based in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, he oversees operations throughout this region.

Personal Life

David Proman is a renowned cinematographer and director, best known for his work in various films and TV shows. Through this career, David has amassed quite the fortune.

David currently holds the position of Managing Director at Fir Tree Partners, with 17 years of expertise in debt investing and distressed credit.

By 2022, his estimated net worth will be $7 million. This sum includes all of his property, assets, wealth and money.

At present, he remains unmarried and keeps his personal life away from the media spotlight. However, it appears that he may be interested in getting married someday in the future.

Net Worth

David Proman has a net worth of $302 Thousand. As an Independent Chairman Director for Amplify Energy Corp, he owns over 15,000 units of Amplify stock worth $301,891. David’s most recent trade was purchasing 15,000 shares of Amplify stock on August 2021 for $50,400 – his largest single trade since 2021.

David is an Investment Manager at Kore Advisors LP with 17 years of expertise in structured credit and corporate debt investing. His primary focus lies on distressed credit, restructuring and litigation-oriented investments across a range of sectors. David has managed numerous corporate and mortgage credit investments including energy assets as well as structured credit activist initiatives. David earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and currently serves on the boards for Midstates Petroleum and New Emerald Energy LLC.

David Proman

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