David Rainbolt

David Rainbolt

David Rainbolt has dedicated his long and varied career to serving the community in numerous ways. As a philanthropist, he is particularly invested in children’s issues, medical research and economic development.

He serves on several of California’s premier nonprofit boards. A quiet leader with remarkable insight and intellect, he is a force in the nonprofit world.

Early Life and Education

Rainbolt, a native Oklahoman, was raised during the Depression and Dust Bowl. His worldview and feelings about his state were profoundly shaped by these events.

He achieved success as the president and CEO of Federal National Bank in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Additionally, he helped many underserved students attend university while championing educational reform in his home state.

David was a loving and devoted father to his three children – Summer (Shaun), Ceason and Brent – as well as six grandchildren Brayden, Trinytti, Keyton, Ian, Rayann and Anthony. His loss will be felt deeply by his family members, friends and community alike. David was an active church member and youth sports coach who always had time for those in need; his heart for his family will never be forgotten.

Professional Career

David Rainbolt has a distinguished professional history. He held several leadership roles at BancFirst Corporation, including President and Chief Executive Officer.

He has thus far been instrumental in building his company into one of the most successful in its sector. Additionally, he holds leadership positions within numerous community, charitable and professional organizations.

David enjoys traveling and spending time with his family when he’s not working. He and his wife Kim have three children and two grandchildren.

Achievements and Honors

David Rainbolt has earned a host of accomplishments and honors over his lifetime, including being named an OU Price College Distinguished Alumni Award winner, serving as senior adviser to the dean’s advisory board, and serving as trustee for OU Foundation.

His family is his top priority, according to him. He credits his wife Jeannine and their two children Leslie and David with helping him reach success in life.

His passion for helping children stems from his military service in Korea where he witnessed firsthand how distraught many orphans were during the conflict. That experience inspired him to do good deeds for others, he said.

Personal Life

David Rainbolt is a renowned Oklahoma business leader who serves on several high-profile nonprofit boards. Additionally, he serves as executive chairman of BancFirst Corporation in Oklahoma City.

He is a quiet man, yet his peers say he leads with remarkable insight and intelligence. His passion for helping others shines through in his generosity of spirit and focus on what truly matters in life. He inspires many through his example.

His fondest memories are of spending time with his three sons as they played Little League baseball for over two decades.

He is an advocate for social justice and serves on the boards of both Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Dean McGee Eye Institute. Additionally, he has served on numerous other civic and healthcare boards.

Net Worth

Rainbolt, Chairman of BancFirst Corporation, has an estimated net worth of $37.5 Million. He owns 5,000 units of Bancfirst stock and has engaged in 22 trades since 2005.

David is an accomplished banker and renowned Oklahoman. He’s also known for his philanthropic activities, serving on some of the state’s premier nonprofit boards. David has special interests in healthcare, children’s issues, medical research and economic development.

Rainbolt enjoys spending time with his family. He and wife Kim have three children, Jake, Sam and Whitney; he loves sports and traveling together with them as much as hunting or fishing can be done. But his fondest memories come from coaching his sons’ Little League baseball teams for over two decades.

David Rainbolt

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