David Ramba

David Ramba is a Tallahassee Lawyer and Actor

David Ramba, an attorney in Tallahassee, has contributed to various political committees such as Floridians for Internet Access and Save Our Internet Access.

He serves as executive director for the Florida Association of Special Districts and has offered advice during discussions between state leaders.

Early Life and Education

David Ramba spent much of his childhood studying Torah and was well-read. Additionally, he had extensive experience working with people.

As a physician at Sultan Saladin’s court, Dr. Yaakov Efraim helped many Jewish communities. Additionally, his position allowed him to defend against heretical Karaite sect activities against Jewish faith.

As an influential leader of Fostat’s Jewish community in Morocco, he was also instrumental in helping individuals understand and appreciate their religion through writings and medical work.

Professional Career

Ramba Consulting Group, LLC was established to leverage his over 19 years of experience working for Florida state and local governments to deliver professional services and solutions in areas including local government, utilities, taxation, franchise issues, environmental regulation, administrative rulemaking and general governance matters.

Since 2007, Ramba has been serving Longboat as its chief lobbyist. His main duties involve monitoring state bills aimed at Longboat and other Gulf Coast municipalities as well as representing their interests in Tallahassee. Additionally, Ramba oversees an intensive marketing campaign for their new $27 million water treatment plant – one of its hallmarks being interaction between politicians and staffers of local politicians and administrators.

Achievement and Honors

David Ramba is a respected attorney with an impressive track record, having represented clients from different fields, such as insurance, banking, energy and construction. Additionally he served as president of Columbus Bar Association and chairman of Ohio State Bar Foundation board.

Ramba has established himself as an excellent public speaker through his presentations at numerous industry conferences. Over the past year, he has written and presented on property taxes as well as credit card debt issues. A member of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Association for Justice, Ramba has also served on the Columbus Metropolitan Library board of directors and Sheldon Museum of Art board of trustees.

Personal Life

David Ramba is an award-winning film and TV actor who has received many accolades for his work. He has appeared in various movies such as Kinsey and Revolutionary Road.

He has appeared in various television shows such as ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Manhattan’.

David Ramba serves as a lobbyist for Longboat Key as a public policy professional and lobbyist. In Tallahassee, he tracks bills that the town finds essential or detrimental and works to push or slow them forward or back. Additionally, his focus includes beach re-nourishment efforts as well as short-term vacation rental properties. Ramba has been employed with Longboat Key for close to 10 years, earning $225 an hour as part of his compensation from them; to date he has amassed an earnings totalling over $570k throughout his career!

Net Worth

David Ramba is a Tallahassee lobbyist known for representing well-heeled clients, but now his focus has shifted towards helping homeowners with mortgage troubles.

Ramba and her team offer to sue lenders on behalf of homeowners for a fee, working alongside a California attorney who claims credit for coming up with the idea of using mass joinder lawsuits to force banks into offering lower mortgage interest rates, reduced debt loads, or eliminating mortgages altogether.

At Ramba’s offices in Pinellas Park and Boca Raton, staffers distribute mailers urging homeowners to sign up for legal action against Ramba’s team – in exchange for which Ramba requests an initial retainer fee of $4,000 from each homeowner wishing to take legal action against them.

David Ramba

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