David Shoults

David Shoults – Anesthesiologist

David Shoults is an renowned anesthesiologist currently practicing in Iowa City, IA. He studied medicine at University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine before training at Naval Medical Center San Diego during his residency.

He is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and licensed anesthesiologist in Illinois.

Early Life and Education

David Shoults was born in Ohio to Alexander Shoults and Sarah Shoults and became one of their children.

He was the brother of Anna E. Shoults and Margaret Shoults.

He took an avid interest in religion and spirituality throughout his life and dedicated much time to writing.

He focused his writings around what he called the “evolution of consciousness.” As an early pioneer of Anthroposophy and religious studies studies.

His contributions also extended into public ethics and civil rights, and were frequently cited. His writings helped shape contemporary thinking on these subjects. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1991 leaving behind only his widow Eva Blanche Shoults as an heir.

Professional Career

Shoults excelled during his time at Santa Margarita Catholic High School, earning both gold and silver medals in wrestling while breaking two national high school swimming records – including that coveted silver jug record! No wonder he earned so much money, earning himself the prestigious position of senior financial analyst with Hallmark Financial Services Inc. This impressive resume stands him in good stead; no doubt proud of all he’s accomplished!

Achievement and Honors

David Shoults earned his PhD degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1974, as well as MSEE and BSEE degrees from New Mexico State University in 1969 and 1963, respectively. Professor of Electrical Engineering at UTA for 33 years and chairman of its Department from September 2001 until August 2008. His research encompasses advanced computer methods for power system engineering; application of computer simulation to power system planning and operation; real-time power system control with automatic generation control (AGC); power system dynamics; reliability methods; rapid as well as conventional power flow techniques, reactive power flow analysis techniques and power system simulators (Operator Training Simulators). He serves on numerous national and international advisory boards.

Personal Life

David Shoults was an enthusiastic fisherman and hunter who enjoyed spending his free time outdoors with family and friends. He held close his beloved wife DeAnna and children Taylor and Josh; traveling; rock hunting was one of his passions as well. David will be deeply missed by DeAnna; their daughters Taylor and Josh; his mother Hazel Shoults of Oswego; sister Jessica Baldwin from Fulton (with husband Michael); as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins.

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Net Worth

David Shoults amassed an estimated net worth of over $70 Million through his career as an actor, comedian and television personality. He first achieved prominence as a cast member on Saturday Night Live before making films such as Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt. His Netflix comedy special and current role on Rules of Engagement were both released on July 22, 1964 in Birmingham, Michigan. Mary Erwin Shoults of 56 years survived him, along with sons William and Ronald; daughter Alicia Anthony and her partner Suzanne Hogan; grandchildren David Shoults II, Rebecca Erin, Melinda Anthony Lindee Anthony Angelica Shoults Zoe Hogan Chris Bergeron Sarah Eldridge Mike Lance Chris Lance Maegan Lance brothers John Shoults Jack Shoults as well as sister Beth Hunt were left behind to mourn his passing.

David Shoults

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