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David Dobrik is an acclaimed American YouTuber known for creating viral content.

David is a popular YouTube vlogger who has garnered numerous awards for his videos on the platform. Additionally, PAPER Magazine named him one of their Top 10 Social Media Influencers of 2018.

Early Life and Education

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Children’s brains develop rapidly during this stage in life. Environment quality, responsiveness from parents and caregivers, as well as other influences such as genes can all play a part in shaping how children’s minds develop and how genes are expressed.

This short film takes a contemporary view of neural development during gestation and infanthood, including PET scans developed at UCLA by Michael Phelps that could impact premature birth or attention deficit disorder. Furthermore, this documentary also addresses how early experiences such as sensory stimulation or deprivation could alter brain growth during childhood development.

Professional Career

David Shuker is an esteemed YouTuber known for his comedic videos featuring real life scenarios. His audiences love his content!

His career began on Vine, sharing video clips and pranks. Once he garnered some traction on Vine, he moved on to YouTube where he quickly established a fan base before eventually opening up his channel there as well.

He created his own YouTube group called Second Class where he posted comedy videos and amassed many followers.

He now resides in Vernon Hills, Illinois with his parents and two sisters and has amassed a net worth of millions, enjoying a happy life with them all.

Achievement and Honors

David is an internet personality renowned for his humorous videos posted to Vine. With Vine, David could upload 6-second clips and gain notoriety through them.

He is also an active YouTuber, creating videos which combine comedy and entertainment. In 2017 he won a Shorty Award and was nominated as Audience Choice Creator of the Year in the Streamy Awards.

He received the Changemaker Award from Penn State’s Scholar Alumni Society Board to recognize his leadership within Honors College, Penn State and his community. This honor is dedicated to Schreyer Scholar Neil Patel who passed away in 2021.

Personal Life

David Shulker is a highly recognized social media content creator, best known for his humorous videos posted to Vine.

His fans love his humorous videos and often recommend him to their friends. Additionally, he has received multiple awards for his talent.

Social media influencer Kevin is building an impressive business. He has formed partnerships with major firms like Audible, Dollar Shave Club, DoorDash and SeatGeek – as well as starting up a clothing line called Clickbait.

From 2015-2018, he was in a relationship with Liza Koshy. They appeared together in multiple videos before eventually parting ways in June 2018.

Net Worth

David Shaklee first rose to fame as a Vine star before transitioning over to YouTube where he founded and led his Vlog Squad group.

As part of his revenue model, he earns money through monetized views, advertisements and sponsorships as well as selling his own merchandise such as hoodies and shorts.

He is estimated to be worth close to $400 Million USD, most of it coming from Seinfeld series, partnership arrangements and reruns.

He currently resides in Studio City, California with Natalie Mariduena from high school – his former classmate and now assistant – where they share an amazing house with multiple fireplaces and a swimming pool.

David Shuker

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