David Spalding

David Spalding

David Spalding, MD is a rheumatologist in Birmingham, AL and affiliated with University of Alabama Hospital. With 42 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Spalding is dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality care for those affected by arthritis.

Prior to becoming ISU’s Raisbeck endowed dean, Spalding spent eight years at Dartmouth College as senior vice president and senior adviser to the college’s president. He also enjoyed a successful 29-year finance career that included positions with Chase Manhattan, First National Bank of Chicago, GE Capital and Lehman Brothers.

Early Life and Education

Spalding’s education was informed by both Thomist and progressive philosophical principles. He believed religious instruction should be holistic, taking into account each student’s personality and life experiences.

He also recognized that education is most effective when it emphasizes character development. Those who were disinterested, uncultivated and indifferent to their students would not produce the same quality of education as those genuinely invested in their vocation and teaching sound doctrine.

In 1967, Spalding relocated to Alberta, Canada where he worked in museums and produced educational radio and television programs. Since then, he has published several non-fiction books, including one on Southern Gulf Islands.

Professional Career

David Spalding is leading ISU’s College of Business towards unprecedented growth as its Raisbeck endowed dean. For five years he has achieved enrollment increases that exceed double the national average and created an impressive selection of new and emerging programs.

He has established an undergraduate program in business analytics and plans to launch a new major in entrepreneurship that could attract over 200 students within five years.

He brings with him a wealth of experience from the finance industry, which has no doubt informed his pragmatic approach when creating degree programs tailored for Central Iowa’s needs. Furthermore, as an attorney at King & Spalding, his practice area includes investor-state arbitration and commercial disputes in Latin America.

Achievements and Honors

His career has seen him hold numerous leadership positions for companies like Chase Manhattan, First National Bank of Chicago and GE Capital Corporate Finance Group.

His success can be attributed to his ability to balance professional life with family responsibilities and spiritual needs. He said he developed an effective yet simple yet meaningful approach to living that has enabled him to achieve success both professionally and personally.

He is proud to be part of the Spalding University Honors Scholar Program, where he engages in extracurricular activities that develop his creative pursuits and leadership qualities. This program is ideal for students who value justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion while learning.

Personal Life

David Spalding is a renowned author who has penned multiple books on dinosaurs and other topics. Additionally, he works as an art writer and curator.

He has been married to Andrea Spalding since 1990 and they reside on Pender Island, British Columbia. Together, the couple runs a bed and breakfast business.

They have also published numerous children’s books, the latest being The Silver Boulder – a tale about finding silver on Kaslo Island, B.C.

David Spalding enjoys writing in his free time. He writes both fiction and nonfiction, has contributed to Art Papers and Contemporary magazines, and serves as a consultant for museums and galleries. A graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design and the University of Washington, David holds several professional certifications.

Net Worth

David Spalding boasts a net worth of $4 million. This fortune has been acquired through his work as an acclaimed musician, teacher and businessman; furthermore, David is also an abolitionist who champions human rights issues.

He is a member of the International Society for Anti-Slavery and has been lecturing for many years. Additionally, his spouse Lucy Spalding is an eminent abolitionist.

Spalding earned her Bachelor’s in Music from Portland State University and Berklee College of Music, where she also performed jazz bass and other instruments. As a teacher, her net price is determined by a combination of social factors; please use this calculator as a guideline only; note that this estimate does not guarantee an award of financial assistance and may vary.

David Spalding

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