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David Stacey is an American vehicle modifier and TV host best known for his show GearZ that airs on Mav TV and Velocity TV.

His passion for motor vehicles began during his childhood. He used 440cc snowmobile engines to propel his go-karts at top speed, and at twelve years old, he completed his first restoration: his sister’s 1963 Volkswagen Beetle.

Early Life and Education

Stacey was raised in Boise, Idaho where he quickly earned the reputation as “the local hotrodder”. His fascination with automobiles began as a child with his sister’s 1963 VW bug and continued throughout life with his dad’s flat-fender Willys Jeep.

Stacey eventually moved to Nashville and developed his skills as a custom car builder at The Rattletrap. While there, he also gained insight into design and engineering fundamentals. One of Stacey’s greatest achievements was creating and hosting the popular television show Trucks! which ran for eight years on Spike TV. As part of Goodguys Rod and Custom Association and Kustoms of America, Stacey has won numerous awards for his work within the industry.

Professional Career

David Stacey is a renowned television host and professional vehicle modifier best known for his appearances on Spike TV’s hit show Trucks! After eight years hosting the show, it became one of the highest-rated weekend shows on Spike TV.

Stacey has always had an insatiable passion for cars and motorized vehicles. When he was just a teenager, he started building his own go-karts by installing 440cc snowmobile engines into them.

He is renowned for creating daring custom vehicles like Copperhead and the V8 Interceptor, cementing his reputation as an accomplished designer and builder.

He is currently employed as a Partner and Senior Consultant for Mercer, providing clients in Central US with advice on all facets of health and group benefits.

Achievements and Honors

David Stacey is an accomplished individual who enjoys a wide range of interests and activities. He’s an enthusiastic powerlifter, history enthusiast and die-hard BGSU hockey fanatic. Recently appointed Central Market business leader for Health at Mercer University, he’s eager to expand the brand in his new role. David also loves sailing and has plenty of miles under his belt from working as a firefighter and emergency services personnel. Furthermore, as a proud dad to three children he has followed the Cleveland Indians since playing minor league baseball.

In December 2017, Mercer named him their “Central Market Business Leader for Health”, reporting directly to Greg Martens, CEO of the Mercer organization.

Personal Life

David Stacey is an American television host and entrepreneur with a net worth of $3 million. His primary sources of income come from his television show and modifications to automobiles.

Stacey has always had an affinity for cars and loves spending time working on his garage project. He hosts the MavTV and Velocity-produced television series GearZ.

The show offers high-octane automobile projects, company documentaries and product demonstrations. Additionally, it is an invaluable source of tech and how-to tips for vehicle enthusiasts.

Stacey’s passion for cars began when he rode his 1930 5 Window Coupe every day to school. Later, he modified go-karts by installing 440cc snowmobile engines – an achievement in itself!

Net Worth

David Stacey has an estimated net worth of $3 million. His primary sources of income come from his television show and from selling and customizing vehicles.

He was born in Boise, Idaho and has had an affinity for cars ever since childhood. As a teenager he used to drive his 1930 5 Window Coupe to school every day and built go-karts using 440c snowmobile engines that he powered during breaks at school.

After graduating from Boise State University, he relocated to Nashville and opened Rattletrap – a shop offering various services such as suspension work, engine building, fabrication and painting.

In 1998, he was hired as the host of a TV show named Trucks! Together with Mel Fair, they designed and constructed incredible rides for the show which became one of Spike TV’s highest-rated offerings on their weekend lineup.

David Stacey

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