David Tumey

David Tumey

David Tumey is an attorney well known for his legal skills and professional experience, serving as both mediator and arbitrator.

He is an accomplished attorney who has provided legal services to clients from the oil and gas, mechanical, chemical, computer, biotechnology and biopharma industries. Additionally, his expertise lies in patent, trademark and trade secret litigation.

Early Life and Education

David Tumey began working for his grandfather on their farm in Storrs, Connecticut where he gained an appreciation for preparing nutritious dishes using only high quality ingredients. While working there he discovered his talent for culinary creativity.

Once in New York City, he perfected his culinary abilities at some of the city’s premier eateries. Later he would go on to become chef de cuisine of Montrachet restaurant which earned a three-star review in The New York Times.

He is an author and lecturer as well, with Weird Life longlisted for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award and selected as an “Editor’s Choice” by New York Times Sunday Book Review. Additionally, he has published other books. In addition, he regularly contributes articles and commentary for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and other publications.

Professional Career

David Tumey has dedicated his professional life to serving others. As both a family physician and Hospice Medical Director, as well as serving in clinical investigations for various companies.

He has helped develop and test several medical products during his career, such as Thermal-Aid’s all-natural Thermal-Aid product line which helps relieve pain, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Tumey currently specializes in antibody-drug conjugate technology which is being utilized to treat cancer. He hopes to expand upon this work to apply it other therapeutics.

Achievement and Honors

David Tumey has accomplished much throughout his life. He has won multiple awards for both his legal practice and literary contributions.

He is also an engaged community member. He volunteers at Virginia Tech’s Veterinary College and enjoys helping animals.

He participated in a community service project in Honduras that enabled him to build relationships with both students and faculty as well as change his career path.

David boasts an outstanding academic background. He obtained an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy from University College Dublin and later received the Vice-Chancellor Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Award from Auckland University Technology, while currently beginning his PhD studies. Passionate about animals and sports alike, David hopes one day to become a track coach.

Personal Life

David Tumey is an American author and professor. His book Weird Life: The Search for Lives That Differ Significantly from Our Own was released by University Press of Florida. Currently living in Tampa, FL he currently holds lectures around the country on his work.

While he’s not writing his book, he loves traveling, reading and playing video games with his wife and their son – as well as spending time outdoors.

David Tumey has served on the University of Massachusetts Amherst Board of Trustees since 2015. They have been married for 23 years, and together have one son.

Vogel, Tumey and Meents all knew Xu well during his seven months at KCI; indeed Xu reported directly to Tumey as the principal engineer on the V.A.C project and held biweekly conversations about it with Tumey.

Net Worth

According to his most recent filings, David Tumey currently boasts an estimated net worth of $41 Million, including his total holdings and ownership in UDR Inc (UDR). Over the last three years his net worth has significantly grown due to increased ownership in UDR which saw its value soar by $24 Million; currently owning 984,716 shares of UDR stock in his personal portfolio.

David Tumey

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