David Weedman


David Weedman

David Weedman is an American actor and writer best known for his roles in various movies and TV shows.

Weedman was married to director Jeff Weatherford and they have a son named Leo. Unfortunately, Weatherford filed for divorce after discovering her having an affair with their 18-year-old babysitter.

Early Life and Education

Weedman’s childhood wasn’t always happy. Her father passed away when she was young, and her parents divorced when she was a teenager. She spent her childhood years on the farm with her mother.

As a teenager, she struggled academically and felt isolated from the social scene. Luckily, she discovered an adult friend who shared some of her interests, and it has become her go-to for hanging out.

While in college, she experienced a difficult breakup. This experience inspired her fourth play, Rash, and continues to draw from it when crafting solo shows for herself. The narrative arcs in her work are often inventive and more captivating than many of her peers’ work.

Professional Career

David Weedman was the successful auto body shop owner in Tell City and a beloved figure within his community.

On March 4th, 2017, he tragically passed away under mysterious circumstances. At first it was believed to be a suicide; however his family soon demanded police investigate further.

Following an investigation, his killer was identified and arrested. They are currently in jail facing murder charges.

Weedman had a large circle of family and friends in Tell City. He was an exemplary gentleman who served as a mentor to many.

Achievements and Honors

With almost two decades of service to the Arizona Game and Fish Department under his belt, Weedman can boast of many achievements during his tenure. As aquatic habitat program coordinator, he has earned several awards for his efforts at the agency.

He has also been recognized for his teaching efforts. At the college’s fourth-floor biology lab, Weedman dedicates one on one consultations to students interested in wildlife conservation careers. With a clear mission and plan to execute it, this collaboration helps enhance student experiences while equipping graduates with essential skillsets to succeed in their chosen professions.

Personal Life

David Weedman earned four years of letterman status in football, track and basketball at Woodland High School before continuing on to Oregon State University where he earned a full ride scholarship.

Weedman earned two honorable mentions in the Evergreen Conference and earned himself an NAIA District 1 all-star, before transferring to Western Washington University.

Weedman was an accomplished athlete who loved his family, friends and neighbors. He lived life to the fullest and was eager to spend quality time with them on March 1.

Net Worth

David Weedman was a father, brother and all-around good person. He had four children and two stepchildren, making him everyone’s friend in Tell City.

On March 1, 2017 his home was discovered empty after family and friends hadn’t seen him for several days. He was pronounced dead at the scene, but investigators began looking into his death.

He is an American actor, comedian and author. She has appeared on a variety of television shows such as The Daily Show and Curb Your Enthusiasm, in addition to writing humorous essays for newspapers and magazines. Her debut book A Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body: (Tales from a Life of Cringe) won the Kirkus Review Best Indie Book Award and she also created several one-woman plays such as Homecoming and BUST.

David Weedman

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