David Willard

David Willard, Founder and Managing Partner of 52 Capital Partners

David Willard is the Founder and Managing Partner of 52 Capital Partners, an investment banking advisory firm. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions, Asia-Pacific economic matters, as well as private equity investing.

He has extensive experience advising Fortune 500 businesses, investment firms and multi-national corporations across all industries and geographies. His career expertise has been recognized in Bloomberg News, Forbes, the Financial Times, Business Today, the National Committee on United States-China Relations, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine and other publications.

Early Life and Education

David Willard’s early life in Beaumont was heavily influenced by his family and community. His father, Elmo Willard, was a successful businessman and property owner with an admirable sense of civic duty.

His mother, Pat Willard, was an educator and activist. She also served as one of the first African-American students to attend Lamar University after desegregation.

The Willards lived in a neighborhood that quickly became known for its Black culture, featuring churches, theaters, nightclubs and markets alike. Here people of all races could find comfort and belonging.

He achieved fame as an award-winning teacher and author, specializing in metaphysics, contemporary European philosophy, ethics and the history of ethics. His publications included numerous books as well as a specialization on German philosopher Edmund Husserl.

Professional Career

David Willard has extensive experience as an attorney, accountant and businessman. His practice specializes in estate planning and business law, offering clients guidance on both transactional (writing contracts or making wills) and litigation (lawsuits, mediations, demands) sides of the law to turn complex issues into practical, straightforward solutions.

David is an experienced mergers and acquisitions professional, having advised Fortune 500 businesses, investment firms and multi-national corporations on strategic transactions related to Asia-Pacific markets. His knowledge has been featured in Bloomberg News, Forbes magazine, the Financial Times magazine and other publications.

He founded Finance Career Launch to share his expertise with young financial professionals seeking to advance their careers. Additionally, he is a podcaster, blogger, musician, mentor and coach; believing that by applying your mind you can build an even more valuable life and business.

Achievements and Honors

David Willard was an esteemed professor of philosophy. His courses ranged across metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, history of philosophy and the interdisciplinary philosophy of religion. His research focused on Edmund Husserl’s philosophy.

Willard was an ardent Christian who wrote and lectured on spirituality. His book The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives (HarperCollins 1988) and co-edited Renovare Spiritual Formation Study Bible were both highly acclaimed works.

Willard made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry with his academic work. He appeared as cast member in several Christopher Guest films, such as A Mighty Wind and Best in Show, plus served as consultant to several television shows. Beyond academia, Willard had an exceptional horological ability; restoring clocks for numerous institutions and private collectors alike.

Personal Life

David Willard is an accomplished educator and Port Commissioner who has a long record of community service. He’s served on the boards of Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center, International Education Association of Beaumont and Christus Southeast Texas Health System Regional Board.

He is a graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard Graduate School of Education, holding a doctorate in educational leadership.

He has been with Cape Cod Five for 50 years, holding various positions but most notably as its Director of Community Relations. Throughout that time, he has helped the Bank build lasting connections with its customers and employees alike.

Net Worth

David has deep-seated roots in Beaumont that extend five generations deep. He currently resides in the same house his mother Pat Willard passed away in on July 9, 2019.

His roots serve as the cornerstone of his commitment to service and leadership in the community. Throughout his life, he has worked as an educator, business owner, and influential figure within and outside of his hometown.

He is the Founder and Managing Partner of 52 Capital Partners, an investment banking advisory firm that offers strategic and business advice in connection with private mergers and acquisitions. He has extensive experience advising Fortune 500(r) businesses, investment firms and multinational corporations across all major industries and geographies. Furthermore, his knowledge in Asia-Pacific economics and mergers & acquisitions is unsurpassed.

David Willard

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