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Korey David Wise

Korey David is an actor and comedian from Denver. Onstage he expresses the frustration he feels having been raised as the black sheep of an ultraconservative household.

He has performed at numerous comedy festivals such as High Plains Comedy Festival, Alaska B4udie Fest and Vail Comedy Festival as well as being seen on Netflix and Adult Swim. Additionally he teaches at world renowned Comedy Works in Denver.

Early Life and Education

Korey had always had an intense desire to help those less fortunate than himself, often making extra sandwiches so that he could distribute them among his classmates who did not have access to nutritious food sources.

He was an exceptional athlete, yet also excelled academically, graduating from University of New York at Buffalo before going on to receive his doctorate at Columbia University.

After graduating, he completed his residency in neurology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute (NI). While working as a resident physician he spent considerable time as a laboratory researcher; one of the first physicians ever to complete a research fellowship while in their program at NI.

Einstein also recruited numerous researchers and physician-scientists who would continue his interdisciplinary approach; these individuals later formed the founding faculty members of Einstein College of Medicine.

Professional Career

Korey David is a physical therapist who established Align Therapy in 2015. This clinic specializes in using the Schroth Method to treat spinal deformities and scoliosis.

He is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, keeping up with current issues in physical therapy and research findings. Additionally, he enjoys treating pediatric back pain, orthopedic conditions and post-surgery patients.

He is certified in the BSPTS Rigo method, an evolution of Schroth’s approach. With experience treating scoliosis and other spinal deformities as well as orthopedic conditions such as shoulder, knee and ankle/foot pain he has worked in outpatient, skilled nursing and acute care settings.

Achievement and Honors

Korey David is a stand-up comedian whose colorful act draws upon many facets of life. He often discusses topics such as his conservative Mormon parents, love affair with psychedelic mushrooms and dating app culture in his stand-up routines.

He utilizes his extensive athletic trainer experience to make a positive difference in others lives. He is an active member of numerous state and national committees, such as the NATA Pre-Season Heat Acclimatization Guidelines for Secondary School Athletics Task Force.

This summer, he had the privilege of participating in an immersive law school program at Florida State University College of Law, including taking two classes and delivering a mock oral argument as well as visiting Florida Capitol and Supreme Court buildings and networking with notable judges and attorneys.

Personal Life

Korey David is a family man, dedicating his life to Kelci and their daughter Kodie. Additionally, he heads KSI (Korey Sports Institute), an organization which advances research on elite athletes and improves race performance.

Korey initially adhered to the Branch Davidian religion. He believed he was living out Cyrus’ role of liberating Jews from Babylon in ancient history.

In the late 1980s, Branch Davidians found themselves divided. George Roden – expected to assume control of their movement from Benjamin Roden – clashed with Koresh over who should assume leadership of it all.

Conflict began to intensify at Mount Carmel Center near Waco, Texas after its residents held out for 51 days at an isolated compound known as Mount Carmel Center near Waco. Finally, after an FBI raid ended it with fatal consequences that killed numerous individuals and started an enormous fire, which ultimately claimed several lives and led to its demise.

Net Worth

Korey David Wise is an established Criminal Justice Activist and Instagram personality who became widely-recognized after being freed of falsely accused charges in the Central Park Jogger case. Wise was one of five falsely charged kids to spend 12 years behind bars for an act they did not commit.

As an activist and public speaker in New York City, he now shares his story through social media and has even appeared in a Netflix series based on it.

Although he has not disclosed his earnings, it is estimated that he is estimated to be worth somewhere around $2 Million. Additionally, he owns a comic book store and has amassed quite an audience on social media such as Instagram.

David Wise

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