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David Works With Clients on Intellectual Property and Commercial Litigation

David frequently represents high-profile clients in intellectual property and commercial litigation. His expertise spans trade secret and patent law, as well as providing corporate clients with advice on their intellectual property strategy.

Renaissance Italy was dominated by masculinity, and Donatello’s choice of David in the nude may have been an attempt to heroize a Judeo-Christian subject. The nudity’s ambiguous sexuality further supports the idea that David was a hero due to his God-given desire for power and victory.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is an incredibly important time for children to build strong brains and acquire key skills for healthy development. It forms the basis of their brain architecture, setting the stage for all subsequent learning and behavior.

David emphasizes in his TED Talks the significance of cultivating children’s curiosity and enthusiasm about nature and science from an early age. This will enable them to grow into strong, confident adults.

Early childhood is a crucial period in a child’s brain development, so it is essential that they receive quality care and education. These experiences will shape their health and well-being throughout their lifetimes.

Professional Career

David works at Dress for Success, helping women who are working to transform their lives. Through workshops, they gain the tools needed to be the best versions of themselves every day and leave feeling empowered and ready to tackle challenges head-on.

He also created Sleepis4Suckers, an apparel line to help people get more rest and make time for what matters most. His motto, “If you lose sleep doing what you love, eventually living the dream that only you could have imagined,” inspires and uplifts those around him.

David is an experienced advice lawyer and litigator who assists employers with difficult employment matters. Additionally, he assists businesses prevent trade secret theft, unfair competition, and other damaging practices.

Achievements and Honors

David was an accomplished poet, teacher, and author. His collection of work includes over 150 poems that have been published internationally, earning him several prestigious awards.

David has also pursued a writing career while simultaneously serving as a teacher for 45 years. Throughout this time, David has served as both a leader and mentor to many of his students who have gone on to achieve great success in their respective careers.

God also honored and rewarded David’s obedience, enabling him to achieve great things. David faithfully followed God’s laws, which enabled him to defeat enemies in battle.

Personal Life

David was a self-taught pianist who initially pursued creative writing as his main artistic outlet. However, when his college roommate introduced him to George Winston’s piano music, David was immediately taken by its melodic sound and inspired by it.

He began creating “song poems” on the piano, eventually setting them to music. This culminated in his first album of solo piano works, The Tower, which was recorded over one single session.

His second album, While the Trees Sleep, was also recorded at White Horse Studios in Portland with engineer Bob Stark and marked a departure from The Tower’s dramatic sound, featuring more of his signature melodic piano style.

Net Worth

David serves as president of Nicola Wealth and works alongside the senior leadership team to support the firm’s rapid expansion. He brings expertise in financial and wealth management, private capital investment, real estate development and mergers and acquisitions to bear on these efforts.

David’s clients range from high net worth families and ultra-high net worth individuals, charitable endowments, foundations, First Nations portfolios, universities, corporations and select single family offices. For new business relationships he requires a minimum family net worth of $10 million while foundations require at least $50 million in net assets.

He specializes in tax, investment and estate planning services. With an excellent track record for providing clients with excellent ongoing service and attention, he helps his clients structure, evaluate and negotiate business acquisitions or sales with the aim of closing the deal quickly.

David Works

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