Dental Hygienist Salary in New Jersey

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While the average dental hygienist salary in New Jersey is not particularly high, there is a wide variation from region to region. For example, salaries in New Jersey differ by 13% between Jersey City and Dover Beaches South. As a result, location is often an important factor to consider. However, the average salary for a dental hygienist in New Jersey is much higher if you work in a private dental office or as a Temporary Dentist.

In New Jersey, the demand for dental hygienists is projected to increase by 19% between 2016 and 2024, and by 25.1% by 2022. Because of these expected increases in demand, New Jersey also boasts one of the highest salaries for dental hygienists in the United States. To become a dental hygienist in the state, you must complete a CODA-accredited program.

The average dental hygienist salary in New Jersey is around $88,300 per year. This can vary, however, depending on skills and experience. The salary range is similar to other related careers in New Jersey. In addition to the high salaries, the job market is expected to grow by nearly 19% between 2016 and 2026.

While the salary ranges are relatively similar in the state, the highest paying dentists are in New Jersey. Compared to dentists, dental hygienists are paid more than doctors, nurses, and accountants. While dentists and other health care workers earn more, dental hygienists earn nearly twice as much. They are also eligible for benefits, paid uniforms, and continuing education.

While the median dental hygienist salary in New Jersey is higher than the national average, the state’s cost of living is the primary factor that affects pay. California is the highest paying state for dental hygienists, while Washington is the second-highest. Maryland rounds out the top five states for dental hygienists.

Dental Hygienist Salary in New Jersey
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