Denver Broncos QB News

The Denver Broncos are in the midst of evaluating their QB draft options, and one key factor is the quarterback situation. Two players have been placed on the Broncos’ injured reserve list, including backup quarterback Drew Lock. Hackett has a diverse background as a former NFL player and offensive coordinator, having worked with all types of quarterbacks, including eventual busts E.J. Manuel and Blake Bortles. In his last two seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Hackett was able to develop his own unique approach to evaluating quarterbacks.

The Broncos will likely trade for one of the top names, even though Teddy Bridgewater will be free to go later in the month. Since last offseason Aaron Rodgers has been linked with Denver. The team currently holds the ninth round pick. In the meantime, there is speculation that the Broncos may pass on a free agent quarterback, like Sam Darnold.

The Denver Broncos’ offense is already weakened without Drew Lock. Drew Lock’s shoulder injury will impact the offense. In addition to Drew Lock, Jeff Driskel is the backup quarterback. He played well in Week 2’s loss to the Steelers, but struggled against the Buccaneers. He was then benched in Week 4, against the winless New York Jets. Jeff Driskel, in addition to being a backup quarterback for Lock, could also be an option.

The Broncos also signed Russell Wilson, a former NFL quarterback. The move will allow Chubb, who is expected to return to his former form, to be more confident and healthy than he was in previous seasons. He has played in a preseason match, but has not been able generate the kind of offense that would make him a starter. The Broncos’ roster has some talented quarterbacks, but they need to find one who can provide the offense they’ve been missing so far.

Drew Lock is a three year pro with a low cap hit. His ability to improve over a year might not be enough for him to remain the starting quarterback in Denver. Paton could trade for him and include him in a larger package if he considers him too costly. Lock, who has a cap hit at $2.2 million, is an option to provide cheap backups until the draft.

The Broncos were also associated with Aaron Rodgers, in addition to Russell Wilson. Rodgers decided to return to Green Bay. However, the Broncos had other targets in the top five quarterback rankings. In addition, the team has agreed to trade a third-round pick for Russell Wilson, but the Seahawks are also reportedly interested in the Broncos’ second-rounder.

Even though Wilson is the perfect quarterback for the Broncos’, adding another talented quarterback doesn’t automatically propel them to the top of the AFC West. It could actually hinder the Broncos’ chances of making the playoffs. They are still in a strong position to create a winning offense, unlike years ago. It is important to remember, however, that Broncos’ divisional rivals are more talented than their AFC West counterparts.

Denver Broncos QB News
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