Derek Barnett News – The Eagles Re-Signed The Edge Runner To A Two-Year Deal

The Eagles are the best source for the latest Derek Barnett news. The team has signed the 2017 first-round selection to a 2-year contract. Although the details of the deal are not yet known, it is believed that it will be efficient and cheap. Barnett was a popular choice of Jonathan Gannon and Jim Schwartz, despite being considered an underachiever by many. His skill level and attitude made Barnett a favorite. Barnett was a frustrating player for Nick Sirianni and other defensive coaches last season. The Eagles hope to make a good return on their investment in 2021.

While Barnett was once a starting-caliber pass rusher, he has regressed over the last two seasons. He was a penalty machine last season and only recorded two sacks. Despite this, the Eagles have a limited amount of options on the open market. This could be Barnett’s last chance to earn a huge contract. And, of course, Barnett is a young player with a lot of upside.

Derek Barnett was a rookie and has not lived up the expectations. He was drafted by the Eagles at the 14th round. He has only two sacks over three seasons. Despite that, his career total has been at least twenty-five sacks. With the Eagles, he is expected to rotate with Josh Sweat, Brandon Graham, and Haason Reddick. However, he should remain off your fantasy radar, particularly if you are playing IDP (independent-draft) leagues.

The signing of Barnett should have no impact on the Eagles’ draft strategy. The Eagles signed Barnett to be a rotational player, and they can still add a high-quality edge rusher at a later date. And because the Eagles need an edge rusher, they could still go ahead and draft one if they so choose. You can never know when a team will need a DE.

Derek Barnett’s net worth after five seasons in the NFL is estimated at $6 million by 2022. In total, he has made $22.9 million after just five seasons. This is more than twice the amount he earned his first season with Eagles. This makes him a much-needed addition to the defensive front. Barnett’s acquisition will give Eagles more depth on the edge, with Anthony McKay and Brandon Graham still under contract.

The Eagles’ first-round selection has yet to deliver. Barnett missed 16 games in total after four seasons with Eagles. Last season, he played in all 17 games, including the playoff game. He finished with two sacks, and a career-low 11 quarterback hits. He was also the leader in penalties with eight. Against the 49ers, he was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Although it is not clear what Derek Barnett’s future holds, he will remain with the Eagles until the 2021 season. In a bid to make a strong playoff run, the Eagles have taken another step toward a championship. This move comes just one months before the NFL Trade Deadline. With Barnett set to return to the field, the Eagles may be facing a tough divisional matchup for the next two months.

Derek Barnett News – The Eagles Re-Signed The Edge Runner To A Two-Year Deal
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