Deshaun Watson and Gainesville, Georgia

When Deshaun Watson was a sophomore at Gainesville High School, the Bulldogs courted him. The young star signed with Clemson but never made it to Gainesville. Neither Sims nor Watson had any intentions of playing college football in Gainesville, and the aftermath of their departures was felt in Gainesville as well. Jacob Eason’s arrival may change all that.

While awaiting the Houston Texans’ decision about his future, Deshaun Watson is focusing his attention on his foundation, which feeds over 10,000 people in Gainesville, Georgia. The former quarterback has a long history of philanthropy and has even given his first game check to the Houston Texans cafeteria workers. He is a role model for Houston fans and has a busy schedule.

Watson has already surpassed Vince Young and Cam Newton in high school football, and he has thrown for more touchdowns than either player. In the second-round of the college playoff, Clemson is the top seed. Watson was not able to win the Heisman Trophy, but he still has one season to improve his standing. As a result, he remains one of the most popular and admired players in Georgia.

Deshaun Watson was born in Gainesville, GA on September 14, 1995. His parents are Desan and Don Richardson. He has four siblings: Detrick and Tyreke. In high school, Deshaun Watson was the class goofball. His father rarely talked about his son’s life or his future. While his father has not revealed much about him, he does share a few things about his son, including his height and weight.

After graduating from high school, Deshaun was a starter and played for the Gainesville Bulldogs. His dedication to his teammates, and his love for the town, made him a favorite among Gainesville residents. As a former quarterback, Watson will continue to be an inspiration to the community. Watson’s legacy will be enduring, but it will not be without its flaws.

Watson was named AFC Offensive Player for the Week in Week 4. His performance against the Kansas City Chiefs, Week 4, set a new rookie record. It also helped the Texans win a Division title. He completed 16 of 31 passes, rushed for another 31 yards, and converted a two-point conversion. Watson will require the Texans to spend more draft capital.

The young man is a planner. He sets goals, plans his route to them, and then works like madman. He made a promise to his high school coaches for a state championship, and he delivered. Watson’s hometown encouraged Watson to go to college and compete for Heisman Trophy. He had to push himself through his high school football career to get to college, and that meant wearing a suit made to order.

Leslie Frierson, Watson’s elementary school principal, knew Deshaun before he became a nationally recognized star. Watson was born in Gainesville, Georgia. It is only 57 minutes from Atlanta. She had seen his hometown team’s struggles firsthand, and the city’s problems inspired Deshaun. He even wore an Atlanta Falcons jersey during his college days.

Deshaun Watson and Gainesville, Georgia
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