Deshaun Watson Remodels His Houston Home

Deshaun Watson decided to make his Houston home a showcase after transforming it into a masterpiece. Deshaun Watson, the first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, is currently renovating the home of his mother who died from throat cancer. She encouraged her son to follow his dreams and pursue his career. While Watson has already made a name for himself, her presence is still very visible at her home.

Although the new Cleveland Browns quarterback is now in Cleveland, he left his six-bedroom Houston home for a two-bedroom apartment. Watson lived in a six-bedroom home at the Royal Oaks Country Club with an attached Jacuzzi before he left for Texas. Despite the apparent lack of privacy, he was spotted chatting with Nick Caserio and autographing footballs.

Although the Texans weren’t able to offer Watson a trade, they made every effort to sign him. Although Watson held a full no-trade clause, he reviewed the rosters of all thirteen NFL teams. He then submitted a list with five teams. One team was removed from his list by the Texans because it was in his division. The Saints, Falcons and Browns were left.

The Browns needed a new home to house the Houston-based quarterback. The team found the perfect place for the new home through a partnership with Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn’s charity. Watson could have chosen from many other options but chose the Browns as they were the best fit for him and offered the best chance of winning. Watson was delighted to be a Houstonian.

Watson has faced numerous lawsuits, including several filed by women who said they were sexually harassed by Watson. In one of those lawsuits, Watson allegedly exposed his penis and used more than 50 women for massages. Watson met with Berry and Haslams, the Browns’ lawyers, on April 8th. A defense attorney and an associate represented both sides. Hardin, a defense attorney, was present at both meetings with several attorneys from both sides. Hardin, who also represents Watson’s defense, was able to join the meeting via Zoom. Zoom enabled Quincy Avery and David Mulugheta to attend the meeting.

Watson was not charged in criminal investigation but could still face punishment by the NFL if continued violations of the rules are made. Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for several games in 2010 under their personal conduct policy for sexual assault. However, he was not charged with any crime. The Browns’ ownership wants Watson to stay, which is why Jimmy Haslam called for the meeting.

The Browns and Watson recently agreed to a five-year, $230 million contract. Watson will receive $184million over the first four years under his new contract. That’s an increase of $48 million from his current contract. Watson will receive the full amount of his new contract. The NFL could suspend Watson if he doesn’t play for five consecutive years.

Deshaun Watson Remodels His Houston Home
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