Destiny 2 Help – Where to Find Help For Destiny 2

destiny 2 help where to find help for destiny 2 36756

You can visit the Bungie Help forum if you’re stuck in Destiny 2 and want to know if there are any solutions. Here, you can read up on how to get help and how to find the most helpful members. You can also use the official Twitter account of Bungie Help to follow its updates. The official Twitter account has a dedicated section for Destiny 2 where you can find out the latest news and guides.

If you are experiencing an error message saying Silver Sync Pending, you should try going back to the main website to see if there are any changes. The developers have acknowledged that this issue has been a problem and are working on a fix for it. If you are having trouble ordering items, you can try to fill out a contact form on the Bungie help forum to report the problem. There are many ways to report serious problems so you can get the right help.

Destiny 2 Help – Where to Find Help For Destiny 2
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