Did Lamar Jackson Get Traded by the Ravens?

Did Lamar Jackson get traded to the Baltimore Ravens? Many fans are wondering the same thing, and they’re right to be curious. While the NFL’s first day of the draft featured nine deals, Jackson should be less upset than others. If Brown was not the reason for the trade, the answer should be clear. Brown was Lamar Jackson’s best friend and was traded to get the No. 23 pick.

The Ravens did not immediately replace Brown, but it should be noted that Jackson isn’t the only target for the offense. While he has a dual-threat ability, he’s not going to end up with more than a hundred catches, 1,700 yards, and 12 touchdowns. Jackson may take this as a dig. It is possible that he’ll get traded despite this fact.

The first sign of Jackson’s discontent was his tweets after the Brown trade. Jackson tweeted, “WTF!” I wish I was playing with you forever!” Brown replied with a similar message, and Jackson’s fingers-crossed emoji was a response to the “see you at the top” part of the message. Jackson later denied that he’d tweeted about Brown’s Linderbaum selection.

So, Jackson getting traded is not a bad deal. Jackson’s role is complete without the quarterback position. If you don’t have a receiver to complement him, you can always look for another team to trade him for. Jackson’s pedigree makes him a good acquisition. The Seattle Seahawks should trade Jackson for a top-tier player if he isn’t traded.

Brown was acquired as part of a trade that also included an draft pick. Brown is now part of Arizona’s wide-open offense. He’ll be reunited with former Oklahoma teammate Kyler Murray. Brown’s receiving yardage last season was his lowest in three NFL seasons. He’ll still have more chances in Arizona to score the touchdown. This trade could be a great one for Brown.

The Ravens may have to move forward without their star wide receiver Antonio Brown, but they’re also likely to draft another wide receiver in the later rounds of the draft. Even though Jackson is an above-average NFL quarterback, he will need to improve his running and passing game to be successful in the NFL. His playoff passing numbers are dismal. He’s thrown only three touchdowns against five interceptions. To replace Brown, the Ravens will need to draft a top wideout.

Although Lamar Jackson’s contract situation is complex, the Ravens have repeatedly said that they view him as their long-term quarterback. On Tuesday, the team’s owner, Steve Bisciotti, meanwhile, was even more blunt. Regardless of the circumstances, Lamar Jackson has been linked to other teams, but his contract situation remains unclear. The Ravens should be able to sign his contract before the season starts so that they can move on to a new contract.

Did Lamar Jackson Get Traded by the Ravens?
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