Did You Know That He Eated a Bee?

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Ever wonder if he ate bees? Yes, you can eat a bee, but be careful! Bees store food so that they can survive and thrive until spring. They are not the only insects collecting nectar and pollen. This sweet liquid is collected by many wasps. They want to share their sweet liquid with you at your next picnic! Don’t be surprised to find a bee in your food the next time you see one on the sidewalk.

Bees eat flowers and fruits. Sometimes, they will also eat ripe fruits. Their mouths are equipped with a long instrument called a proboscis, which resembles a human tongue. Their mandibles, on the other hand, are strong and are used for biting and cutting. This is why bees have long proboscis. This helps them to pollinate other plants.

Did You Know That He Eated a Bee?
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