Diego Sanz Salas and Reforestum

This article will focus on Diego Sanz Salas & Reforestum. These two people share many of the same values: a commitment to the environment, a love of nature, and an obsession with sustainability. While both of these men are engineers by training, they have a unique vision of the future: a world where human life coexists with nature. Continue reading to learn more about their work. Don’t forget their book “Reforestum”

Diego Sanz Salas

Diego Sanz Salas, a tipographer and graphic designer, was born in Arequipa (Peru). His penmanship as a child was terrible. When he was told to improve his penmanship, he would throw tantrums. He continued his studies in graphic design in Cordoba (Argentina) and received his degree in Arequipa in 2006. He is passionate about typography and enjoys learning more about it. His art has been featured in various publications, including PAGE magazine and Typodarium calendar.

Diego Sanz Salas and Reforestum
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