Ditto in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, it’s possible to find Ditto by catching other Pokemon. Unlike other Pokemon, however, Ditto doesn’t show up as Ditto until you capture it, and there are many ways to catch this Pokemon. For instance, you can check the Pokemon GO community map to see if there are any spawning Ditto nearby.

Ditto can be caught by using berries or an Ultra Ball. Although it’s not an incredibly powerful Pokemon, it can help you fill out your Pokedex. It also has a unique advantage in gyms, where it will copy the first Pokemon it meets, and mimic its moveset and CP. While it doesn’t develop, Ditto can still be upgraded by feeding it Stardust or candy.

The best way to catch Ditto is to set up a PokeStop and attract the Pokemon to it. When you do this, the Ditto will start saying, “Oh!” over a Pokeball. You can use this trick several times in a row until you catch a Ditto. This method is not guaranteed to yield a Ditto, but it’s worth a try.

Ditto is one of the more common Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but it’s not always the easiest to catch in the wild. You can also have trouble catching it if you’re using it to take down gyms or raid bosses. This Pokemon loves hiding and shape-shifting. A new series of Ditto disguises will hit the game in September 2022.

The new season in Pokemon Go comes with new special research quests and Pokemon. The first one, called “The Season of Light,” features the Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Other special research quests are also available, including “Willow’s Return” and “A Radiant Reunion.” Each fortnight, a new Prime Gaming reward will be released.

Ditto in Pokemon Go
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