DJS Treasured Shih Tzus

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Djs Treasured Shih Tzus is a pet adoption service located at 11 Heatherdowns Ln in The Galena Territory. This service helps people in need of adoptable dogs to find their perfect match. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more about the business. You can also follow them on Facebook for the most recent updates. For more information about the services provided by DJS Treasured Shih Tzus, please visit the website or Facebook page.

The Shih Tzu comes in several different color coats. The silver color is a deep shine and does not look grey. It is silky and shiny. The silver color dog will usually have a black nose. The gold color is a light to dark gold. The two-color varieties of this breed are almost identical. While a silver-colored dog is rarer, one with a black coat will have a black nose.

Shih Tzus were originally bred in Tibet more than a thousand years ago and were emperor companions. Their name literally means “little lion”, which may be due to their similarity to dragons in Chinese mythology. This is one reason that the Shih Tzu was once so prized in China. There is no doubt that their reputation grew as a companion dog for emperors.

White Shih Tzus can be very rare. They are almost as uncommon as pure black ones. They can be found though, even though most whites are not pure white. Breeders of pure white Shih Tzus are not able to identify them as cream dogs according to the American Kennel Club. However, they can be classified liver-colored which is how they are classified.

Before purchasing a Shih Tzu from a breeder, be sure to read customer reviews about them online. Find a breeder that regularly shows their puppies. It may be possible to find Shih Tzus at the American Kennel Club’s online marketplace. Adopt a pet is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website. You can filter your search by sex or age, and read about the dog’s adjustment to a new family. Ask to meet the breeder and his previous customers.

The AKC recognizes a wide range of colors in Shih Tzus. However, black and white Shih Tzus are the most common. Brindle Shih Tzus are another type of Shih Tzu. No matter what color you choose, Shih Tzus deserve the best. Just make sure you give it the home it deserves. So that it has a happy life.

DJS Treasured Shih Tzus
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