DMX Net Worth

DMX Net Worth


The rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur have built a successful career in music and film. He is the first rapper to hit the Billboard 200. Despite his success, his childhood was a struggle. In this article, you’ll get to know more about DXM.

Early life

Born in Mount Vernon, he became a rap star at the early age of 16. As a child, he was enamoured with music, particularly writing lyrics. During his free time, he would often visit recording studios.

He suffered from abuse from his mother and her boyfriends. He dropped out of school when he was a teenager to pursue a career in crime. His bio also reveals that he had a birth injury in his right arm. This injury is not fatal, but it limits his mobility.


As a teenager, DMX was involved in armed robberies. His first heist netted him $100. He spent the money on a pit bull and Timberland boots. However, he later began to turn to carjack as a more lucrative option.


The rapper has fathered at least fifteen children with different women. He has only been married once, and it was for fourteen years to Tashera Simmons. They have four children together. 

DMX Net Worth

DMX’s net worth was estimated at $10 million during his peak career. However, his net worth dropped to under -$1 million after his bankruptcy. At the time of his bankruptcy, he claimed he had several debts. This bankruptcy process left him in numerous legal battles.

Cocaine addiction 

DMX was addicted to crack cocaine when he was fourteen. He later claimed that Ready Ron had provided him with the drug. Throughout his life, he has been arrested and jailed a total of 30 times. His crimes have included carjacking, theft, tax evasion, and violating court orders.

Legal convictions 

Despite his success in music, DMX’s past has led to numerous legal troubles. He was recently convicted of tax evasion and owed the Internal Revenue Service over $2.3 million in taxes. Aside from that, his net worth was reduced after serving his prison sentence for tax fraud.

Financial crisis

Despite a burgeoning net worth, DMX has struggled financially. He has incurred debts totalling $12 million. His money troubles are mostly due to unpaid child support. During this period, he was convicted of tax fraud and received a six-month jail sentence for failing to pay $400k in child support to his ex-wife.

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DMX Net Worth

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