Does Allied Universal Drug Test New York?

Does Allied Universal drug test New York? Allied Universal offers several methods for drug testing. New employees are subject to strict rules. They may need a urine test, mouth swab, or both. Depending on the location of the testing, Allied Universal will perform one of these tests on-site or may request a urine sample. This drug test does not require a doctor’s visit and is non-invasive.

The company has a national network support staff and uses state and local resources to tailor their services to each customer’s specific needs. Allied Universal is committed to quality training. All of their employees go through extensive training to provide excellent customer service. There are many reasons to choose Allied Universal as your next provider of drug testing. Here are some of the many benefits of using Allied Universal.

Employers may use zero-tolerance testing programs in New York City. However, this practice is still illegal in the rest of New York City. Employers cannot use positive cannabis test results to make hiring decisions. Moreover, employers are encouraged to consult with their legal counsel to update their policies and protocols. As long as an employee has been drug-free for a certain period of time, a positive test does not mean he or she is impaired for work.

While drug testing isn’t a legal basis for not hiring an applicant, it can be used as a basis for a discrimination claim. However, employers should always be careful not to use drug testing as the sole basis for denying employment. Employers can take legal action against employees who have tested positive for marijuana. However, if a positive test indicates that an employee has been using marijuana, employers may have to change their attitudes toward marijuana in the future.

Employers in New York can still require drug testing of their employees, despite legalization of recreational marijuana. Although marijuana use is illegal at work, it is not an excuse for employers to fire employees or refuse to hire people. Employers have the right of random drug testing to ensure that employees are not at risk of being convicted. It is important to remember that a company may not discriminate against someone who uses marijuana because it is illegal.

Does Allied Universal Drug Test New York?
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