Does Salonpas Help a Sprained Ankle?

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Salonpas is Salonpas a good option for treating a sprained foot? This topical medication contains two active ingredients: menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (4%) which work by reducing inflammation in the affected area. The patches should be applied to affected areas for approximately eight to twelve hours. If pain persists, the patches should be removed. According to the manufacturer, you should not apply more than two patches in a day or three days in a row. This medication is not recommended by doctors and may not suit all people. Before applying it, always consult with your doctor and pharmacist about the safety of this medication.

Ankle sprains are typically caused by a sudden twist to the ankle or wrist. A bruise is caused by ruptured blood vessels in the area. These bruises aren’t harmful in and of themselves, but they may be signs of a deeper problem. A doctor can treat a sprained ankle by prescribing a prescription medication and recommending rest and physical therapy.

Does Salonpas Help a Sprained Ankle?
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