Draft Top Net Worth and Inventors of the Draft Top

Draft Top has a thriving business, generating more than $1.6 million in sales in the last eight months. Its founders were on Shark Tank, where they secured a partnership deal and received $300,000 in return for a 10% stake in the business. Despite initial setbacks the Sharks eventually rallied and invested $300,000 in the company, which doubled its revenue. However, the Sharks weren’t entirely sold on the product’s potential and questioned its valuation.

The Draft Top was developed by Armand Ferranti and Patrick Parizo. The Draft Top was created by Armand Ferranti and Patrick Parizo to make drinking easier. The Draft Top comes with four rotational blades, which fold the aluminum so that the drink is poured without a sharp edge. Draft Top is making huge strides in increasing draft beer market share and net worth.

It’s easy to see why inventors with a lot of potential are highly sought-after. After all, people who make money on a regular basis are in high demand. As an added bonus, Draft Top’s unique design also allows it to become a useful tool for a home bar. Draft Top was designed to pour smoothly, making it an exciting tool for beer pong. The Draft Top eliminates the need to use messy glassware and is great for places where you don’t want to risk your drink getting spilled.

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The Draft Top company has raised more than $7 million in venture capital funding. Armand Ferranti, Patrick Parizo and Patrick Parizo founded the Draft Top company. They were able pitch their product on Shark Tank Episode 13 where they received $300,000. Daymond John also gave them a 10% equity stake. The Sharks were also interested in the idea of transforming cans into cups, so the Draft Top net worth grew from there.

Draft Top Net Worth and Inventors of the Draft Top
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