Drag Slot Car Gearing

The most important aspect of drag slot car racing is the gearing. Higher numbers will increase the car’s top speed, but lower numbers will decrease its top speed and cause acceleration and braking to be less effective. In order to determine the right ratio, you must first determine the desired car speed and tyre size. The “roll out” gearing method accounts for the size of the wheel and hub. Pi x diameter (wheel dimension)/ratio is how far a slotcar can travel in one motor turn.

Drag cars will benefit from a lower tooth count pinion. It will help the car accelerate harder and finish faster. Conversely, high-tooth pinions are perfect for Bonneville racing, which demands high top speeds. When optimizing gearing, most people will be focused on the engine of their car. This is only half of the battle. There are many other factors you should consider. If your vehicle is heavier, it may overpower the tyre’s power capacity and exhibit bad behaviours.

You should consider the track you will be racing on when choosing drag slot car gearing. The Drag Slash is for competition with 2S LiPo power and an optional 29-tooth gear pinion for maximum acceleration and top speed. This gearing should only be used for competition and not for continuous competition driving. The motor and power system can be damaged if the gearing system is used continuously.

The final drive’s size is another factor to consider. A smaller tooth count pinion will allow you to accelerate quicker, but this will lower your top speed. A 22-tooth pinion will provide you with a great racing experience and 2S LiPo power. A larger spur gear will allow you to achieve higher gearing. A lower number of teeth will work if you don’t have the budget for a large pinion.

The shorter pinions will have higher top speeds while the longer gears will have lower top speeds. A 22-tooth pinion will provide the most fun and excitement for a drag race. The bigger the pinion, the better. The smaller the tyre’s power, the more power is required to drive a car. It will also make it easier to launch and will be quicker to finish.

The longer gears will give you a faster start when it comes to drag-slot car gearing. You will be able to accelerate faster with shorter gears. With a short first gear, the final drive is the same length as the motor, so there is no need to worry about a large pinion. A short gear will help maintain the car’s balance and prevent excessive wheel spin. The taller the gear, the more speed it will be.

It is crucial to have the right gearing for your drag slot car. While it is easy to see how the final drive affects the overall performance, the gearing is also essential to avoid a car from losing power midway. A smaller pinion will make the car more responsive and give you a smoother ride. The gearing of a drag racing car is just as important as the motor. A small pinion will increase the speed of the car, while a large one will limit the top end.

The length of the final drive should be at least equal to the motor length. Generally, the shorter the final drive, the better. A long pinion is a good idea in drag slot cars with a large tyre. A shorter gear will not be able to pull at high speeds. While the speed of a drag car may seem slow, it is important to keep it in mind that it will make your tyres work properly.

The tooth count of the pinion is essential to the overall drag car’s performance. A lower tooth count pinion will make the drag car launch easier, but it will also reduce its top speed. A taller tooth-count pinion will increase the speed of the drag slot car. Although it is easier to shift the gears with a larger motor, it may not be as simple to achieve the desired result.

Drag Slot Car Gearing
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