Dragonborn Guide – Who to Help in Falkreath

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When exploring the dungeon, Siddgeir will be pleased to see you. The jarl will ask for your help in helping three people in Falkreath. Despite having few citizens, the area is filled with many lonely souls. These individuals need your help to survive, but how can you find them? This article will show you how to help. This guide also contains tips for what to do in Falkreath.

You must help three people in the area to complete the Thane Of Falkreath quest. There are many radiant quests you can do in Falkreath that count toward this quest. Ill Met By Moonlight and A Daedra’s Best Friend both count towards this quest. This quest also allows you to level up your enchanted sword Blade of Falkreath. You can equip it with a single-handed or two-handed version.

The jarl of Falkreath is a charismatic character who has few citizen quests. Upon completing this quest, the Jarl will offer you a reward – an enchanted sword. To do this quest, you must be a level 20 Dragonborn. When you return to Falkreath, the rewards will be yours. Once you have completed this quest, you will be able to access the longhouse of the Jarl.

Famous Nords have requested to be buried in Falkreath’s graveyard. These people lived alongside the honorable men who died in past battles. Many Falkreath residents named buildings after those who died in battle. Hence, you can also explore this area without fear of getting killed. When you visit Falkreath, it is important to maintain a good reputation. And remember to have a good time while you’re here!

You can also find the woolly wonder near Morrigh or Falkreath Hold. If you encounter this creature, melee characters should keep their distance and ranged characters should remain behind pillars to avoid being hit by its massive tusks. Beware of this creature’s primary attack – a horizontal swing of its gigantic tusks. These tusks can chomp tank characters and leave healers and damage-enchanted behind. You can walk back to avoid getting caught in a damage cone.

To get the Thane prerequisite, you must help the Falkreath hold at least three times. This can be quite challenging, however. While quest givers are not essential, you can make them friendly by investing in their stores. You can also complete quests from merchants without skill usage. You have many options to gain their favor in Falkreath. If you follow these converging paths, you’ll soon become a Thane.

Dragonborn Guide – Who to Help in Falkreath
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