Drew Oliver

Drew Oliver, ’02, Founder and CEO of Giant Microbes

Drew Oliver ’02, an accomplished competitive snowboarder, understood the key components of teaching: developing rapport, understanding the student’s objectives, and devising an action plan to meet them. She applied these lessons while instructing a class on Russian.

Andrew Oliver was appointed Stamp Commissioner for Massachusetts in 1765 despite being personally opposed to its implementation and much to their displeasure of colonists.

Early Life and Education

Oliver was one of the early black workers at what is now Virginia Tech and one of its first known employees; predating both Charles “Uncle Sporty” Owens and Floyd Meade by many years. According to newspaper accounts, Oliver worked as a janitor at Christiansburg Industrial Institute during its existence.

Following this experience, Oliver entered the civil service at entry-level and quickly advanced. He assisted with organizing sanitary inspection and slum clearance operations and spent time both in London and Europe to gain knowledge about local, national, and global problems.

In 1765, Wheelock reluctantly accepted a position as stamp commissioner to administer Parliament’s unpopular Stamp Act and provoked widespread protests that eventually saw Oliver hanged in effigy as well as Wheelock breaking with London Board over funding and becoming financially independent from them – an event Cooke referred to as “Black Exodus from New England.”

Professional Career

Oliver was an esteemed business owner and entrepreneur, founding both GIANTmicrobes (an IT services company) and a Russian language school (GIANTmicrobes-Russia). Additionally, Oliver wrote articles for National Review while also acting as a consultant to several companies.

Oliver credits his father with encouraging him to develop his own game plan and remain mentally strong, as well as learning through being a hydroponics farmer.

Oliver knows he will face pressure as an NFL quarterback. But he remains confident in his abilities to deal with it: “Each player needs to find ways to rise above expectations,” says Andrew Oliver, and trusts his father who “has always supported me”.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has written numerous articles for National Review and established GIANTmicrobes, a company producing stuffed red blood cells. Additionally, he served as articles editor of National Review before opening up a language school in Russia among other entrepreneurial ventures.

Vaughn-Oliver Plaza at Virginia Tech pays homage to Oliver, a family member who helped construct and operate Virginia Tech from its infancy. According to Pacheco’s research, Virginia Tech was built on land worked by slaves – including Oliver’s own father!

Brother Oliver’s 2019 album Command Shift received considerable critical acclaim and has been likened to bands such as Father John Misty, SUSTO and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Furthermore, Brother Oliver continues to perform concerts with an emphasis on political and social commentary.

Personal Life

Jim Henson made cultural icons out of Muppets and Walt Disney made them endearing, so Drew Oliver, originally from Greenwich, is working to do the same with bacteria, viruses and other maligned microorganisms through his Stamford-based company Giant Microbes. It produces plush toys designed to look like germs and viruses but with eyes so they look humanized.

Oliver says his toys have proven popular among medical workers, science students and “geek chic” consumers alike. Ontario’s Education Centre Library serving Canadore College and Nipissing University holds many in their inventory; Oliver also declines to disclose sales figures for corporate clients of his company as well as sales from school-based Facebook groups. Oliver served as articles editor of National Review magazine before opening a language school in Russia among other entrepreneurial ventures.

Net Worth

Oliver has established himself as an accomplished drummer with an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. While his salary may be considerable, he prefers to keep his personal life private and does not discuss it openly with those around him.

Oliver often takes time away from social media posts to enjoy other hobbies and activities that allow him to unwind and gain new perspectives, leading to insights and creative inspiration for his work.

Newport Private Wealth recognizes his client-centric approach and interest in investment management as the catalyst to his joining their team, where he assists clients with their investments while creating comprehensive wealth management plans. Serving as associate portfolio manager at the firm, he’s driven to help others realize their financial goals while playing for Ted Ed Fred a rock band from Seattle Washington US.

Drew Oliver
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