Duke the Doberman Pinscher

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Duke is an animatronic pinscher doberman. Duke was created to be ridden in an arcade. You can enjoy his charming personality. His saddle is designed to be child-safe, and it travels at a speed of one-half to two miles per hour. He can also carry around 200 pounds. When you first enter the arcade, Duke is friendly and tries to make his way to room 1, but at night, he can be aggressive.

Duke is a social media star, movie star, and brand ambassador of K9 Tactical gear. He is also a great ambassador for law enforcement and connects well with the public, especially children. When he’s not working, Duke and his handler Sgt. Soares organizes meet-and-greets with children. They also spend time with their family and often get up to Famous Shenanigans.

Duke the Doberman Pinscher
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