Eduard Prince von Anhalt fortune

Eduard Prince von Anhalt is the head of the Ascania family, the family that ruled the Duchy of Anhalt until 1918. How rich is Eduard Prinz von Anhalt?

Author. Born on December 3, 1941 in Ballenstedt, Germany. Eduard Prince von Anhalt fortune is estimated at around 90 million euros. Eduard gained international attention in August 2010 when he claimed to have known about the engagement of his distant cousin Prince William of Wales to Kate Middleton. Although a British royal spokesman denied Edward’s claim, the engagement was actually announced a few months later.

Bourgeois name: Julius Eduard Erdmann Ernst-August Prince of Anhalt
Spouse: Corinna Krönlein (married 1980)
Eduard Prinz von Anhalt Size: 1.80 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1964

What is the net worth of Eduard Prinz von Anhalt?
Eduard Prinz von Anhalt’s assets are currently € 90 million.

In 1978 Eduard wrote a book about the traditions of his family, Askanische Sagen über die origin der Germans.
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Eduard Prince von Anhalt fortune

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