Edzard Reuter fortune

Edzard Reuter was Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler-Benz from 1987 to 1995. How rich is Edzard Reuter?

Chairman of the Board. Born on February 16, 1928 in Berlin, Germany. Edzard Reuter fortune is estimated at around 60 million euros. His father was the popular social democratic politician and mayor of Berlin from 1948 to 1953, Ernst Reuter. His mother Hanna Reuter née Kleinert was a secretary for the party newspaper Vorwärts. After the NSDAP came to power, the family had to flee Germany and found exile in Ankara, Turkey. Reuter spent a large part of his childhood in Turkey. In 1946 Edzard joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Bourgeois name: Edzard Hans Wilhelm Reuter
Parents: Ernst Reuter, Hanna Kleinert
Edzard Reuter size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1952

What is Edzard Reuter’s net worth?
Edzard Reuter’s assets are currently € 60 million.

Training: Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University of Berlin, Georg-August University of Göttingen
Established organization: Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles
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Edzard Reuter fortune

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