Elaine Henry

Elaine Henry

Elaine is a passionate and influential community leader. She has held roles on multiple committees and boards at state and national levels – most notably being Chair of the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.

Robert Arneson and Ruth Duckworth have long been among her artistic influences; she admires how both artists did not focus on craft alone, allowing adhesive seams to show through their artworks.

Early Life and Education

Eileen graduated from Kutztown Area High School and worked at various local businesses such as Western Electric, Wright’s Knitwear and Medalist Apparel. Additionally, she studied at McCann’s School of Business in Reading. PA.

She served on numerous national and international boards, such as the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth Board as well as being Director of the Public Interest Journalism Foundation. In 1994 she received the Medal of the Order of Australia as well as being honored with a doctorate of letters by University of New South Wales for her contributions towards breast cancer control in her community.

Henry deftly adapts Jackson Pollack’s painting strokes into her ceramic vessels with intricately-decorated ruffles and clay scraps adorning each vessel. Her profound understanding of language and symbolism make her an outstanding educator.

Professional Career

Elaine Henry is an internationally-acclaimed master of ceramic art who makes her home in Big Horn, Wyoming. Her works have been widely published and exhibited, and she served as editor for both Ceramics: Art & Perception and Ceramics TECHNICAL journals.

She has held various leadership roles within the not-for-profit sector. These have included chair of Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth as well as directorship at Social Ventures Australia. Furthermore, she regularly comments on current affairs within media reports.

She has received numerous honors and praise for her work, including being named an inspiration by several notable figures such as comedian Patton Oswalt and filmmakers Ben and Josh Safdie; Time Out magazine even described her as a living legend!

Achievement and Honors

Elaine Henry has long been recognized as an esteemed professor at Brookdale Community College, thanks to her research and teaching that have earned her widespread acclaim among students, colleagues and administrators alike. Additionally, Elaine has participated in university search committees as well as serving on faculty trustee panels at Brookdale.

Eileen is a member of both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Social Ventures Australia Board, having spoken on leadership and social innovation to media on numerous occasions. For her efforts in controlling breast cancer she received both the Medal in the Order of Australia and Doctorate of Letters by University of NSW.

She serves as Program Director for EY’s innovative and effective College MAP (Mentoring for Access and Persistence) corporate volunteer program, passionately believing in its transformative power to change lives.

Personal Life

Elaine was a kind and loving individual who took great pleasure in checking in with family over the phone. Her presence will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Beatrice Henry was an active member of New Bethel Church in Kempton, PA and had served on its choir. She leaves behind her husband Willis R. Henry; daughter Cheryl Ryan (Lynn Bishop); granddaughter Kalyn Rozanski; great grandchildren Peter and Zachary Henry as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Laura was Editor of two international ceramics journals and lectured, taught, exhibited and curated exhibitions internationally – in Italy, Taiwan, Latvia and Germany to name but four countries! As well as being an artist herself she served on several museum and organizational boards. A generous supporter of arts education she was also an incredible wife mother grandmother sister!

Net worth

According to Forbes’ Billionaires List, Henry has amassed an estimated net worth of over $1.5 billion. She earns more than $5 Million per episode for Veep on HBO as well as several million through endorsement deals.

Her and her husband engage in philanthropy through the Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation, supporting Jewish organizations, museums, educational institutions and major donors within the arts and science communities.

The couple also owned a home and multiple vehicles in Greenville, North Carolina. Additionally, they considered their three dogs Fa Fa, Cho Cho, and Sushi like children; these furry creatures provided both joy and anxiety for them. As their trial approached they dreaded being separated, with thoughts running through their minds of what may happen if Fa Fa, Cho Cho, or Sushi were sent away for months at a time.

Elaine Henry
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